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  1. ***WITHDRAWN***

    Sire Marcus Miller V7 4 string jazz bass. Vintage sunburst finish, maple neck, rosewood board with block pearl inlays, 18v active pre-amp (bass, treble, sweepable mids), pickup blend, master volume with stacked tone control, active/passive toggle switch (very handy), through-body stringing option, chrome pickup cover (which has been fitted, so there are screw holes...). Pretty sure everyone knows how great these basses are, and excellent quality for the money, comes with a case (one of those that isn't hard shell but is sturdier than a gig bag). 
    Has been gigged (but not a lot), in excellent condition, I would prefer collection from the Isle of Wight or any of it's ferry ports (Portsmouth/Southampton/Lymington/Southsea) or I can (reluctantly) post at buyers expense.










  2. I use all 3 formats for listening to music - mp3/CD/vinyl, but overall I prefer CDs. I'm another one who likes to have the artwork/liner notes in my hand, and although vinyl is the ultimate format for the "whole package", the claim that it's sonically superior to CDs is a myth. 

    Back in the day, when you routinely had to pay 15 quid for a CD, I thought nothing of the price and during the 90s I bought a lot of albums, at least one a week. A few years later I got rid of some that weren't getting played, and regretted it later on. Sites like Music Magpie are great because I can now spend £22 like I have his week on albums (Alice in Chains, Screaming Trees, Kyuss and Mad Season for anyone interested...😊). Even the price of new CDs makes owning physical copies more attractive - both Royal Blood albums for a tenner in HMV recently. 😁

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  3. ***SOLD***Here we have a stack-knob wiring kit from our very own KiOgon. I had this on my P/J for a couple of years, but decided ultimately is was a little too warm sounding for my taste. 

    Artec pots, solder-less connections, caps are 0.1 on neck and .047 bridge (orange drop), switchcraft jack (which is missing the nut and washer unfortunately), plus two sets of knobs - chrome and black.

    £50 delivered, Paypal is my preferred method of payment. :)




  4. 11 minutes ago, rushbo said:

    I have no technical advice to add to this thread, but I need to compliment you on an incredibly handsome bass. 

    Thanks mate! 😊 She got her first gig last night, sounded great with the Dunlops on there, I'd forgotten how comfortable it is to play - I've been using my Sire V7 for gigs and although that too is a great sounding bass, they are a little on the heavy side. The P/J is a bit lighter but doesn't' feel insubstantial like some lighter basses. It certainly sounds heavy with the new pots. 😁

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  5. 3 hours ago, Nodd said:

    Hi Grassie, 

    i'm on the look out for the oder style cover,

    it differs by having more of a right angled transition from the vertical sides to the curved top.

    More like |____| rather than(____)

    the modern one is more curved generally, no doubt saves metal!

    Is yours like that?any chance of a pic through it, showing front to back? 

    Thanks, Nodd

    Sorry Nodd, now sold. 

  6. Here's mine - formerly a Squier Vintage Modified 70's Precision bass, I have added Tonerider pickups (split coil plus jazz bridge pickup), a KiOgon wiring loom with US spec pots, mint green pickguard, painted headstock and a cheeky Fender decal. Sounds so good, I'm thinking of getting rid of the Sire MM V7 and doing another P-bass mod...

    Maybe black with tort guard and matching headstock.... :D



  7. She LIVES!!! :D

    Thank you guys for the advice, tips etc. I did indeed have the J pot wired up wrong. I've also grounded the tone pot to the shielding. Result? Practically zero hum, no buzzing and a great set of tones thanks to the KiOgon wiring loom. 

    I've strung her with a fresh set of Dunlop Super Brights (40-100) and will give her a good seeing to on Friday night....;)

    Thanks again everyone. Basschat RULES! :D



  8. 22 hours ago, NickA said:

    That J pickup.  Is it a single or a stacked coil one? 

    Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious:

    The way the P pickups work is that they are actually humbuckers with the magnets in different directions and the coils in different directions.  The signal from the strings adds but the pickup from nearby electric fields cancels out.

    A standard J pickup is not humbucking as it only has one coil.  With a full Jazz Bass the two pickups are wound and magnetised in oppposite directions so they individually pickup noise from the surroundings but when added together do not.

    So, if you add a non cancelling J to a cancelling P the noise no longer cancels and you get some hum.  The solution is to use a stacked coil J pickup which incorporates its own cancelling.

    My J bass now has two stacked J pickups and is totally silent whatever balance I use, but previous incarnations were quite buzzy and did stuff lke pick up police radio and local taxis (pre mobile phones!!)

    If its REALLY noisy you might have some other electrical fault - eg it's accidently wired up back to front so that the earth (strings etc) are accidently connected to the amps input and vice versa.

    It's a standard jazz pickup as far as I'm aware. I used to have this wired as a stack-knob - ie two stacked pots for each pick up, and this didn't give me any problems. Here's a photo...


    PJ wiring.jpg

  9. I have a P bass that I converted to P/J a couple of years ago, and I recently bought a new wiring kit (solderless V/V/T) off of our very own Ki0gon. I've had to route out the cavity some more to accommodate the larger pots so I repainted the cavity using shielding paint. I connected the pickups as per the usual wiring diagrams and grounded to the bridge as usual. 

    The issue I now have is that with the bridge pup turned up I have a horrible buzzing noise made even worse when I touch the bridge or strings or knobs. I don't know what I've done wrong. The split coil soloed is quiet with a very slight click when I touch it but it's unusable when I turn the bridge pup up.

    I'm ready to start smashing stuff up...

  10. The cavity was painted with shielding paint. I've had to route it out some more to accommodate a Ki0gon wiring kit. New shielding paint ordered. I will connect the shielding to the bridge earth. :)


  11. I joined a band a few weeks ago, was given 7 songs to learn and then had a get together (a bit like a rehearsal but not..) to meet the others, run through the songs etc. All good, got the gig, learned the remaining 30 odd songs before my first gig, without another rehearsal. 

    The songs in our set are played a little differently to how I've learned them - the tempo is a little higher in most cases, and some songs segue into others and back again.

    I learned Hotel California this week, played it last night at a gig (without rehearsing) and it was not good. Barely an intro, no quiet middle section, half the guitar solo. These guys are great players and lovely people, but this lack of rehearsal is seriously affecting my confidence because I don't know how their arrangements go. The other members often gig as a duo or trio in the week leaving no time for rehearsals. 

    So that's what currently annoys me about my band... 😁

  12. I'm useless at these things so forgive my ignorance...

    Converting a P bass to P/J wiring: ground wire from bridge is obvious but I have a wire that was originally screwed into a spot just below the split coil pup. Is this still needed? No P/J wiring diagram I can find has another ground wire on it... :(

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