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  1. 3 hours ago, Reggaebass said:

    Yeah I’ve noticed that some are and some aren’t , the difference being the front routed ones you would have to have a pickguard on  to cover the groove 


    If I go the clear coat refinish route, I’m thinking of making a new pick guard and control plate from a similar hued wood. Would look nice I think. 😊

  2. On 01/09/2018 at 22:09, Reggaebass said:

    I did mine with a heat gun it is definitely the way to go ,very clean   .I stripped the whole body in about 2 hours 



    Interesting that mine is front-routed from the neck pickup to the control cavity, and yours isn’t....

  3. On 29/08/2018 at 19:03, visog said:

    Totally agree - Adam Neeley, Rick Beato and Scott Devine will give you (free - not even talking about Scott's subscription site)  so much bass and wider music to work on, plus a broad  industry perspective which is intelligent, witty and contemporary.

    The mags on the other hand are little more than advertising catalogues with bizarrely esoteric bass reviews interspersed with bearded post-metal players of which you've never heard. And Victor Wooten on an endless loop.

    That said, even the mighty Viz is being challenged online now by the consistently high hit-rate Daily Mash... (At least the wordy articles rather than the cartoons..) 

    I’ve only recently discovered Rick Beato on YouTube, and what a thoroughly pleasant chap he seems to be. 😊

  4. 21 minutes ago, Reggaebass said:

    It actually started off as a bit of fun but when I stripped it it was a nice piece of solid alder and things went from there I’ve got la Bella tapewounds fitted , very clean deep sound 

    Wow that looks really good! Thanks for the tips guys. 😊

  5. Hey all, 

    I bought a used Baby Tuner a while ago but I’ve started having issues with it. When it’s sat in my pedalboard connected to 5 other pedals, after a while the display stops working - clicking the foot switch still mutes the signal from my bass but the display is blank.

    However, if I use the tuner on its own, there are no problems. The power adapter I’m using is a 1A which is plenty of juice for what the pedals are drawing.

    I’m stumped. Any ideas? 🧐

  6. Not like that, ya filthy..::


    I have acquired my son’s Squier Affinity jazz bass and have decided I would like to take it back to bare wood and refinish it with a clear coat, or possibly use an oil finish

    So any tips for removing a modern poly finish? 😊

    Hoping to read lots of positive stories about how easy it is, and virtually zero tales of woe, cursing and grown men quietly sobbing into their pillows at night...🙈

  7. 6 hours ago, Bean9seventy said:


    but after meeting MK @ The LBGS he made it quit clear in post interviews he was Not how you think  ,, by a long chalk ,

    he remembers us ,, he knows who we are ,, the other bass players i know,, i grew up with ,,  are his friends , eg people he knows very well ,, like Tubsy ,,

    the longer the post went on ,,

    is there anything else ??

    Yes. Could you clarify the above quote please? As a non-cryptic answer.

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  8. 10 hours ago, Bean9seventy said:

    right ,, they were not just a " bunch " of players ,, they are the players that started brit funk ,, plus

    look in soho there is a sign out side of a coffee bar that reads The is The Birthplace of British Rock  april 1956 ?

    it was started by teenagers who wanted to form bands , brit funk was "exactly the same ,, the 1st brit funk gig was 1977/78 a band called hi tention  & Tubsy was in the crowd ,,

    meanwhile the players who met louis johnson & bootsy @ the gig in london via " the fraternity " were already funking the hell out of baas guitars   they knew heatwave they knew everyone AWB  motown every DJ   you care to mention

    they are the facts & this story is the evidence ,,,

    so ? if MK totally ignored the most funkiest soulful people in the UK & their mega star supporting fraternity every time they went to Denmark St ,  why did he rip off their bass lines ??  ,, in fact why did he even bother to slap ? ,

    And round we go again...

  9. 1 hour ago, Bean9seventy said:



    finally ,, you can see peeps all trying to defend MK ,, i knew this would happen ,, & the excuses to defend MK are getting weaker by each post ,,, the tread is not about MK its about the 1st UK  Slap players  ,, i was not the 1st ,, i was part of a circle of players who were,,

    anything else ... ???


    My point (which you seem to have missed entirely) is that you’re claiming that because you and some friends of yours went into a shop where Mark King worked, and played some slap bass while he may or may not have been listening, this directly influenced him and his playing style for which his is most famous. 

    I’m merely asking you to provide a bit more proof than merely saying ‘this happened, so it’s fact’ based on the assumption that he’s never (in any of the interviews I’ve seen/read in any case) mentioned being influenced by customers venturing into the shop he once worked in, and them playing slap lines. 

    Its not about defending him, it’s about proving your claim. 

  10. On 25/08/2018 at 23:44, Bean9seventy said:

    yeah ,, MK was taught by one of the guys who worked in the shop right ? 

    No, I don’t think this is correct at all. At least, I haven’t heard him say anything of the sort on tape or in print. 

    It is possible you know, that when Mark picked up a bass he did his own thing more or less straight away, influenced by Mr Clarke et al.

    On 25/08/2018 at 23:44, Bean9seventy said:


    we know MK was not slapping the bass until he saw " us " ^ meaning the 1st handful of uk slap bassists ^ like Tubbsy

    How do you know? 

    On 25/08/2018 at 23:44, Bean9seventy said:

    btw if i am not mistaken there were no college courses on slap bass in the UK until 1980 ,, before that it was called temporary music or jazz

    from Al Jolson to Ali G ,,

    Do you mean “contemporary music”? And Ali G???

    Im confused... 🧐

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    I call it a pick because I like to say "pick" rather than "plectrum". "Plectrum" is two syllables and therefore takes twice as long to say than "pick" does. 

    I'm a busy man y'know...

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  12. On 02/04/2018 at 13:38, Bean9seventy said:

    no ,, i decided to open a thread on a comment posted on reddit ,, where a user said i said i was the 1st uk slapper , i did not say that , i was in the 1st Wave of players ,,

    & the other comment also said i claim to have directly influenced MK ,,

    yes i did go into his music shop,,  yes he wasn't into bass yet , yes buy seeing what we were trying to do on bass probably hastened MK to quit drums & get into slapping ,, but to be the direct main influence ? is out of context

    there were other bass players MK saw much better than myself ,, but in those days there were only a handful ,, & i was one of them ,

    thoughts & opinions ?

    Basic Level 42 early history goes like this:

    Mark King played drums in various Isle of Wight bands in the mid 70's, cover bands playing holiday camps and hotels. His path crossed with original L42 drummer Phil Gould, and both shared a love of progressive bands such as Return to Forever and Mahavishnu. They would sometimes share drum duties during gigs. Mark also played with Phil's brother Rowland (Boon) Gould.

    At some point Phil Gould left the island to study at Guildhall, where he met Mike Lindup. Boon had travelled up to London to try to get gigs and Mark shortly followed for the same reason. At this point Mark was intent on becoming a drummer. 

    Phil, Mark and Mike would get together in the evenings at Guildhall to jam on songs they knew and to try out ideas. Initially they had Dominic Miller on guitar but he stopped turning up for rehearsals and so they asked Boon to join instead. Mark was happy to try bass because he regarded PG as the better drummer and wanted to be in a band with his mates.

    I have not read anywhere that MK picked up a bass because he heard some blokes playing in the shop he worked in. That is actually incredibly presumptious and more than likely a little inaccurate IMO.

    Mark as always maintained his bass influences were Stanley Clarke, Colin Hodgkinson and Jack Bruce, and that his style of slap playing was a natural extension of his drumming skills i.e. playing polyrhythmic patterns between the two hands. 

    The first bass line MK ever wrote was for "Love Meeting Love", a fingerstyle line, and Mark worked in Macari's, which is in Charing Cross Road.


  13. 1st band: We became very popular very quickly and it soon became apparent that we were gigging so much we didn't have time for rehearsing new songs. When the singer and drummer (who were an item) decided they wanted to go out as an acoustic duo with the drummer playing guitar, the rest of us questioned how this was possible when they couldn't find time for new songs with our full band. Cue massive argument outside a venue on a Sunday night and dummies spat all round. I still regret it to this day.

    Band 2: Played with this lot for around 7 years, great bunch of guys, we played rock covers but the singer and lead guitarist wanted to do originals and push it to the point of getting into a studio and trying to get "famous". We managed to come up with two original songs which were absolute dog 5h1t and used to go down like a knackered lift when we played them in front of an audience. I've never wanted to write original songs within a band setting and have always enjoyed playing covers, so this push to become something we were incapable of was the tipping point for me, along with the increasing ego of the singer. 

    Band 3: Rock covers again, very busy but the singer/guitarist had various issues including turning up late for gigs and leaving the rest of us to set up his PA system while he tuned his arsenal of guitars, changing guitars for nearly every song which would kill any momentum we had managed to build up with an audience - they would go and sit down while he checked his tuning on his newly chosen instrument, and his inability to recognise the fact that his volume knob on his amp could actually be turned anti clockwise. Incredibly loud and the reason we lost a couple of venues because of the volume. 3 years of this and I was done, and so was my hearing.

    Band 4: An originals band (yes, I know what i said about band 2...) but these guys were serious and the songs were already written, I was replacing their previous bassist who had "commitment issues", I was told there was gigs coming up plus recording sessions at the singer's studio (which was an apple Mac set up in his bedroom). The gigs booked were all weekday evening gigs, unpaid and unattended. I was getting pushed to commit to gigs at the last minute when my day job were in the middle of changing my shift pattern so I couldn't say yes to anything until that was sorted. I sensed the leader was getting frustrated so I suggested that they would be better off finding someone who could commit the time and effort required. My name was swiftly (within the hour) removed from all social media pages, ads etc. and they got the guy I replaced back in.

    Currently with two bands; one is a function style group playing regular pub and function gigs, quite eclectic and very good musicians. Good fun. The other is a jazz style band playing some standards and pop-jazz (think Caro Emerald) but this one is all rehearsals and no gigs apart from two paid ones that I organised, and some freebie parties. This one might be coming to an end for me, as no-one else seems that bothered about playing regular gigs.

    I had a message last week about joining a new britpop covers band, which I'm considering....


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  14. 3 hours ago, dmccombe7 said:

    Oooh that's nice. Good to hear Level 42 without all that mad pop and slap Mark King does. That was just a nice balance and very melodic.

    Yep. A lot of people (bassists included) think he's just a one trick slap pony, but his finger style playing is sublime. Check out their True Colours album - the tracks "Seven Days" and "A Floating Life", which boasts an immense groove in the middle section. 

    I love his playing. 😊

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