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  1. [quote name='AustinArto' timestamp='1473976906' post='3134734']
    I hate them.

    I am also a bass player from Leeds and was living and gigging in NYC at the same time in the mid '90s. Todd Rundgren even hung out with us, *and* I'm taller than Langdon but I never bumped into Liv Tyler. :/

    Hate that ****in band!
    Oh dear... 😂

  2. Just recently rediscovering the joy of Spacehog's debut "Resident Alien" - great tunes throughout (although they wore their Bowie influences on all of their sleeves...). Royston Langdon's great basslines, "In The Meantime" in particular. How he managed to play that line and sing at the same time... wow. :)
    Hugely underrated and should've been massive. Who's with me? :D



  3. [quote name='ivansc' timestamp='1473376716' post='3129717']
    2 german shepherds travel daily in my gigmobile.

    Never mind the carpeting on the cabinet, you should see the state the carpeted interior gets in even after vacuuming once a week.

    I have pretty much given up.
    House is damn near completely enveloped in dog fur during their 4 times a year major moult....
    However my Oreck vacuum does help
    I feel your pain. I used to have a Hartke cab which my German Shepherd took to sleeping in front of. I had to de-fur it before I took it out gigging (the cab, not the dog). 😊 GSD's seem to practice moulting all year round in preparation for their main moult of the year.

  4. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1473458528' post='3130509']
    It'll be fine. If you hear bad sounds turn down the gain but I always use the passive input unless I'm seriously overloading the amp input :)
    Sweet, thanks mate. She sounds like a beast through the passive input. The band love it too. :D

  5. Evening all,

    Just come back from rehearsal where I played my new Sire MM V7 at decent volume for the first time. But I have a question: is it OK to use the bass in active mode while plugged into the passive input? The reason I ask is this: when plugged into the active input, the signal is a lot quieter, to the point where I have to boost the master volume somewhat to get a decent amount of output.
    When played passively through the passive input, the sound is immense. Switching over to active while plugged into the passive input means I have to roll the volume off on the bass itself, but the signal is nice and punchy and not distorted at all, which is what I'm after.
    I'm just a bit concerned that I might damage the amp in some way if I continue to use the bass as active while plugged into passive, although I would imagine those of you with one input on your amps don't have to worry about this kind of thing.
    Confused.com. :huh:

  6. At 16 I was moving out of my Def Leppard / Extreme phase, and discovering Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains. 1991/1992 was the start of grunge, and all my mates were listening to $hit like early Prodigy, 2-Unlimited and loads of chart friendly, ear-unfriendly rubbish like that. I was the square peg in their round hole. 😊

  7. I wasn't planning on buying another bass as I'm currently awaiting the arrival of a new jazz bass, but this came up today, courtesy of the brother of my guitarist friend. Aria, model FEB 30M (I think), natural top, 24 fret, fairly decent gig bag included, although I might try to get a hard case for this as it's going to be the main bass I'll use in my jazzy combo. Nice...
    Action is a bit high for my taste, but the truss rod is very stiff either way I turn it, so I'm going to live with it for now.

    [attachment=226503:Aria acoustic.jpg]

    Not too shabby for £80. :)

  8. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1472117247' post='3118603']
    Yeah. I'm sorted for graphite necks anyhow. Something - in fact 2 things unexpectedly arrived at my feet the week I had the quote...
    Well, don't keep us in suspenders...

  9. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1472032451' post='3117782']
    I asked for a quote for a flea 5.


    Before tax.
    Before shipping.
    You could probably get Rob Green at Status to make you something similar for half that price.

  10. Anyone else had issues with the preamp being too 'hot'? Can you not access the circuit and turn the preamp down? The ATK I had had a little crosshead plastic dial-type thing which is used to set the output... Might get one of these in black/maple, or the mint green/maple... :)

  11. [quote name='Wolverinebass' timestamp='1470820933' post='3108668']

    Secondly, Guy Berryman of Coldplay.
    I have to disagree there old bean. Well, only as far as his playing on Parachutes. Some rather lovely little lines on that. They lost me after that one. And they seemed to lose Guy in the mix on all subsequent releases.

    I don't hate any players, but there are far worse out there. Saw The Cribs at the Isle of Wight Festival this year. Dreadful, awful band.

  12. A badly shaped headstock (which seems to be every other bass on the market at the moment) is enough to put me off buying a bass. The main reason I haven't pulled the trigger on one of those Sire Marcus Miller jobbies (yet...)

  13. I thought it was ok. Some of these Rig Rundowns are done with the tech and not the actual bloke who's gonna play it, so its good to see John there. 😊
    Slightly away from basses, the Rig Rundown with Satchel (guitar with Steel Panther) is hilarious. 😁

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