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  1. “Hypersonic Missiles” by Sam Fender. On CD cos I’m old. Not many of these young nippers worth listening to these days, but Sam does it properly, with proper guitars and an actual band and everyfink. And he plays a Fender. 😊

  2. 13 hours ago, borntohang said:

    I assume it's one of the British Bass Masters series, so could be anywhere between around £400 to £2500.

    Doesn't have the relic work that the NWR sig does, so it'll be cheaper than that one (£1500) but does have different pickups from the standard Jive so it's not just a stock model with a different finish. Maybe £500ish? I'd definitely be interested at that price range.

    £595 according to sources...:)

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  3. Bought this from my guitarist friend's brother in-law, pretty immaculate, it's actually the first bass I've owned with a maple board since my first ever bass (a 90's Sunn Mustang by Fender) way back in 1994.

    I used to have the white/rosewood version of this. I thought they were both based on the 70's precisions, with the neck dimensions somewhere between a P and a Jazz, but this has got a definite "proper" P profile - feels fairly chunky and nothing like my old white one. Not complaining though...

    Not bad for £100. 😁


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  4. The only experience I’ve had with Jackson’s is my old guitarist had one, and he always had the bass on his amp turned up too high... 😁

    Went into my local Crack Converters a few weeks ago to get some euros (their exchange rate has always been more favourable than anywhere else) and there is a Kelly Bird bass hanging on the wall for £220. This is the same bass that was there last time I went in. Which was 2 years ago.😳

    If I had the funds I would pull the trigger on one of those 5ers, no hesitation. 😊

  5. I'd have that white 5er in a heartbeat. You know what i like the most? The fact that the P pickup is the same size on both parts of the cover. Does my OCD no good at all when I see Fender 5 string P's with the upper part of the cover bigger than the lower part...


    And thank god that pointy headstock has gone too.



  6. Mark King for me. All of those fantastic slap and fingerstyle lines he came up with throughout the 1980s really are the reason I wanted to pick up a bass guitar in the first place.

    Let's not be shy here - the man is a pioneer. 😎

  7. Pretty much all those deaths in 2016 starting with Bowie. Subconsciously you think “well, that’s our major celebrity passing of the year”. Then Prince went. Wow. George Michael was a bigger shock I think because at that point in the year we must all have been thinking “thank god this year is nearly over”, then George went. 

    Chris Cornell, Keith Flint and more recently Boon Gould really affected me because these were MY musical icons. 

    I hope they’ve found peace.

  8. Right, this is back up for sale, definitely needs to be gone as i have seen something else that has given me GAS, so...

    Sire Marcus Miller V7 4 string jazz bass. Vintage sunburst finish, maple neck, rosewood board with block pearl inlays, 18v active pre-amp (bass, treble, sweepable mids), pickup blend, master volume with stacked tone control, active/passive toggle switch (very handy), through-body stringing option, chrome pickup cover (which has been fitted, so there are screw holes...). Pretty sure everyone knows how great these basses are, and excellent quality for the money, comes with a case (one of those that isn't hard shell but is sturdier than a gig bag). 
    Has been gigged (but not a lot), in excellent condition, I would prefer collection from the Isle of Wight or any of it's ferry ports (Portsmouth/Southampton/Lymington/Southsea) or I can (reluctantly) post at buyers expense. £270 - no offers. :)

    Sire MM jazz.jpg

    Sire 3.jpg

    Sire 4.jpg

    Sire 2.jpg






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