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  1. Interesting: My LH1000 is next to silent - that's listening closely in the back room with no other sounds ( aside from the tweeting of the birdies outside). However my old Mosfet 3500 does indeed have the same noisy old fan so many seem to complain about. True in a rock setting it doesn't make any odds but it seems like it might be the only achiles heel in an otherwise solid amp. Interested in the specs on that low noise fan!!
  2. This is a plea to any and all: I have a TC Electronic G-Major 2. It's a fantastic unit and I'm extremely happy that I've manged to fit this into my rig. However it seems that the support for bass players with this unit is sparse to say the least. Are there any of my bass brothers who can suggest settings for this unit. I've managed to get a handful of useable patches which work with the band but I keep thinking there must be patches out there that you guys have created. Checked the TC patch vault but it's mostly guitar stuff. So, anyone out there got some radical patches for the TC GM2 they'd care to share?
  3. I've heard the Korg gear is good. I have a clip on tuner and the tuner on my TC G-Major 2, both have issues below F to low E never mind D or B!!. it's just a pigging frustrating annoying but common feature of many "guitar" tuners. We demand better treatment by all manufacturers! surely it's just as easy to create a circuit which can cope with "our" frequencies. anyhoo I have to tune using harmonics on the 12th fret. and breathe...
  4. +1 for the LH1000 head. Had mine since the end of last year and have to say compared with my old Hartke 3500 MOSFET (yes it's one of the 1980's versions) it's almost silent until you start pumping out the grooves!!! it did take a bit of getting used to the way the levels work on the EQ and volume because they're all linked so tweaking one affects the next in line. but using some advice from "uncle Larry" I reckon my sound is sorted. True there's no "grit" or fuzzy warm farty noises that you get from some amps {cough..ashdown..cough} but if I want that overdriven sound I'd stick a VXL or other pre-amp pedal in front to saturate the incoming signal. I reckon that gives you the ability to turn the rig back to clean for those soppy ballads I know you all play! As if another example were needed; in our practice room I just run a 4 x 10 XL cab from one side of the amp. This is competing with my gitar-pist running a Marshall100W all valve head and TWO 4x12's. We are pretty fecking loud. My volume is only up at 4. I'd definitely recommend one, certainly keep on your short list of possibles.
  5. I've been using a Digitech Bass Multi-Chorus, not very expensive but does give a very nice effect. the multi voice quality is a little different. well made too. Recommended even!
  6. They.. have... ARRIVED!! I've spent the last few hours playing with the new toys... WOW! Guess I got lucky with the FCB setup - didn't do much to get the patch select and expression pedal working!. Can't remember how I did it now. I know people say the factory presets are not very useful but what a collection of sounds. I really like the whammy + reverse - it has been described to me as " like whales and aliens" :-) hee hee! Now I need to sit down with the thing and try setting up my own sounds I guess - see if I can replicate the chorus and delay settings I had before. I may feel moved to write some kind of review or something once I've had more time with it. EXCITED, CAN'T SLEEP!!!
  7. Yeah, should look very shiny with the Hartke rig! worried now as I looked around for reviews and found [url="http://forum.tcelectronic.com/viewtopic.php?id=2299"]this post [/url] on the TC forum... So it doesn't like low B strings? I find that hard to fathom. Surely it must be fine - they don't make a seperate BASS version. Also now I'm finding bad reviews about Thomann - but they were cheaper!! Anyway, if Dood says it's OK then it must be OK. Oh, ordered up the phantom power mod for the FCB1010 from the U S of A - hope to hear about that soon. Just have to remain calm until it all arrives.
  8. Right, all that gear is now on order. holy crap.. what have I done? Another day older and deeper in debt. CAN'T WAIT!!
  9. [quote name='DanOwens' post='1145517' date='Mar 1 2011, 10:56 AM']If you're concerned about running a long power cable, the FCB only sends midi down 3 of the 5 pins so you can use two to send power down; this way you don't use a separate mains lead. It's referred to as the 'Phantom Power Mod' and you can buy kits [url="http://www.dmvelectronics.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1&idcategory=3"]HERE [/url] or find instructions on how to do it yourself.[/quote] Hey - Cool. I like that - just so happens I did PCB work in a former life so this looks pretty easy to do - lucky the FCB is comparitively cheap! Thanks guys, this definitely looks like the way to go for me.
  10. Hey, thanks Dood. Wasn't sure about the berhinger unit tbh. would need a 15 metre mains lead! Otherwise I think my mind is made up - just need to save the pennies for a while. Mind you - had the smell of burning voice coils outta one of ma speakers last practice - hopefully I haven't completely fried it- will need to tone down the volume I think. Anyway - thanks to all for the advice :-)
  11. It seems the verdict is to go for it. I suspect I asked a biased jury!! OK, in that case any thoughts on the best foor controller(s) to go with the G-Major 2 ? I like the look of the tech21 midi-mouse mainly as you can power it via the MIDI cable. the fewer batteries and power cables the better I think.
  12. I am conflicted, confused, possibly deranged. From a single photo I've seen of Dood's rig - an LH1000 coupled with a TC electronic G-Major 2 I now have a hankering to expand my palette of sounds and aural landscapes by getting one of these units. Playing in a three piece sort of prog rock style outfit; so there is scope and space for some whacky noises (tastefuly done obviously). I've asked Dood who liked his I think - I cheekily asked him to do a review but he's a busy talented chap so I thought I'd ask the wider community... Q - Has anyone any experience with the G-Major 2?? especially with bass? Q - How about with any midi controlled effects like this - I'd like to know if there is any noticable delay between switching patches? Q - Should I just stick with my two pedal setup - bass-multi-chorus and DD-3 delay? I may have to re-mortgage to afford this terrible GAS attack. bugger.
  13. [quote name='dood' post='1128232' date='Feb 15 2011, 12:30 PM']Just a quick reply - well - in the case of the LH preamps, due to the 'Fender Tone Stack' passive EQ - the 'flat' setting (as near to bypass that you are likely to get) is around Bass=2 Mid=10 Treble=2. Therefore from a flat setting you can up the bass and treble drastically from the 2 point. You can also pull the mids right back from 10 to scoop them out deeply. All three controls are interactive so it's possible to get a huge range of 'curves' from just three controls. The flat setting will be kinda similar for any preamp using the same tone stack design, such as the Alembic F1-X, The BSP clean channel and the Trace Elliot V-Type.[/quote] Dood - that's interesting that you have those values for the "reference" setting - did you work those out yourself? - I got advice from Uncle Larry direct... "Remember that the LH-1000 has a "tone stack" EQ and the flat reference setting is bass 3, mids 10, treble 0. Setting all the controls at noon will give you a scooped midrange sound. Read the manual and you will get the idea. There are only three knobs so set them where they sound good for you and your bass!" Yeah, me and Larry, we're like that... mkay!
  14. My new LH1000 is the dogs danglies as far as I'm concerned: produces the range of tone I like and has bags of power to compete with a g***ist who has 2 x 4x12 cabs. Compared to the old Hartke MOSFET 3500 head it replaced this thing is whisper quiet. only after the g****ist switched off his gear did I get to hear the fan running! I do have a question about this head: is the effects loop in series or parallel? Given that there is no balance control (like wot the 3500 had) I assume it must be series? Dood - we need to know - do you use the "Kill Dry" on or off on that TC unit???
  15. posted in the other thread - [url="http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa157/euancollin/Music/Moffat%20Bass%20Day%2006_02_2011/"]linky [/url] for more photos...
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