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  1. Everything you own thread!

    This would be my lot...
  2. Let the music speak for itself?

    "It's all about the music" is a fairly tired cliché. It's about how it makes you feel, it's a soundtrack to people's lives. Music is about passion but music can also be about fashion. Sometimes the non-image or simple show is a statement in itself. People seem to default to thinking of Pink Floyd lightshows or Alice Cooper onstage beheadings when they think of the trimmings that come with rock n roll but the reality is it can also be Bill Wyman's 'at the back nonchalance'.
  3. Ampeg PF-50T vs B15

    Cheers Graeme, I did not know that. Very cool. If you are in a position to scan / photograph the page and DM me on Messenger, that'd be really cool.. and worth a pint! My MU membership expired in 1995! Valve amps do sound lovely but yes, I'm getting to a stage where a lighter option would probably be easier. I'm hoping that I can last out a few more years yet though. I think a few of the class D options come close. I'm quite impressed with the Fender Bassman stuff. I had an old 1978 135w head that nearly broke my back but sounded like heaven. Unwisely I flightcased it which must go down in history as my least wise bass decision.
  4. Ampeg PF-50T vs B15

    Just to kickstart this, you heard my PF-50t when you saw me play. I don't think it is *that* loud so personally I'd avoid a PF-20t for anything other than studio work. I've not done a side by side comparison but it is certainly what Ampeg were aiming to do & although they don't seem to be huge sellers, the reviews all suggested it got you in that ballpark.
  5.  Amazingly productive day in the studio, working on a new band / project. Surprised myself by playing a Rickenbacker into a Sansamp VT pedal and it sounded monster. My initial visions of my Jazz into my Ampeg tube amp are now redundant. 

    1. discreet


      Nice. VT Bass for the win. Best Ampeg sound out there - and no valves involved...

  6. What Do You Bring To The Table?

    I have a guitar shaped bottle opener on the zip of my gigbag. Everything else is just a bonus.
  7. Show us your rig!

    My full rig, complete with hat!
  8. Alice Cooper. Great basslines from the Dennis Dunaway era, a fantastic show and he seems like a really decent guy to be around.
  9. Buddy Holly. A young (frighteningly so) pioneer who played guitar, wrote, sang and produced. Just incredible when you look at his legacy and one can't help but wonder what would have happened if he had not been taken so young.
  10. Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    I bought a Jack Casady bass once purely because I liked the bass. His bands never really grabbed me. Signature basses kinda pass me by - if you want to be like Dee Dee Ramone, just buy a white P-bass and job done. I get the artists they choose because it is based on popularity. I guess they aren't likely to be picking sig models based on one hit (or no hit) wonders from the past! As a cheeky add on, about 99% of forum members would be a poor choice for a signature model, simply because we keep changing basses every 5 minutes!
  11. I very occasionally do it if I feel the song needs it, usually on slower songs with simple root hitting the chord changes type lines where I haven't brought my upright. Sometimes I play fingerstyle, sometimes with a pick, occasionally with a thumb. I'm always puzzled by how players can limit techniques used by the greats. It's all just personal taste after all.
  12. Mocha.......

    I had an all original '78 Precision for a few years and my father in law has a '73 P-bass that I will apparently be getting one day. I liked the 70s colour schemes of browns and oranges (not just on instruments but cars, decor etc). I think the saving grace for me is that the Mocha finish doesn't look like you've just bought it as they haven't used it much since. I prefer vintage white and some of the other shades but I reckon on balance it's a minor hit, for my tastes.
  13. Changing from long scale to short scale!

    My last Hofner verythin bass was short scale & didn't feel like a toy. Swapping from 34" to 30.5" never felt like an issue. If you play regularly you can soon adapt.
  14. Burrito's Modern Retro Collection

    A 2008 Anerican Jazz bass has been added, as I hinted at in the initial post on this thread.