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  1. For Sale: Bass Bible - Paul Westwood. Looking for £20 posted within the UK.

    Loads of good stuff in this 'Bible', see hidden text below. Comes with both CD's.


    Spanning Rock, Jazz, Funk and Blues to Latin, African and Reggae styles; Paul Westwood s Bass Bible has earned its reputation as the fundamental method book for bass. Designed to suit any skill level, the book can be used from cover to cover or can be opened at any page to learn a new riff or technique, with the historical background of each style covered throughout. The instantly accessible layout means that beginners will be able to learn basic grooves to play along with the 2 CDs that are included with the book. For advanced players there are stylistic interpretations of Jaco Pastorius, Mark King and Larry Graham, where Westwood guides the reader through the use of dynamics, slap and pop, harmonics and soloing in both tab and written notation with chord symbols indicating the musical context of each example. CONTENTS: BOOK ONE Techniques - Finger Style - Soft/Hard Playing Tone - Spanish Style - Plectrums & Picks - Nail Playing - Slap Bass - The Squeeze - Right Hand Tapping Damping - Walking 4 and Damping Patting Harmonics - Pedals and Effects 49 Steps to Basic Theory - Walking Bass lines - Scales, Arpeggios and Scale Exercises - - Major Scales - Minor Scales - Diatonic Modes - Arpeggios (Major) - Arpeggios (Minor) - Scale Exercises - Swing 4 Basic Changes - Swing 4 with Chord Extensions - Swing 4 with Passing Notes - Triplet Fills - Chord Sequences and Improvisation - Contemporary Pop Latin Ballad Jazz BOOK TWO - Basic Grooves - 8th Note Basic Grooves - 16th Note Basic Grooves - 12/8 Shuffle Basic Grooves - Blues and R&B - 12/8 Blues and R&B(Shuffle Feel) - 4/4 Blues and R& B - Soul - JAMES JAMERSON and Motown - Bass Fills - CHUCK RAINEY and Atlantic Records - JAMES BROWN and Funk - STANLEY CLARKE Rock - Straight 8th Note Feel - Syncopated 8th Note Feel - 16th Note Feel - Shuffle Feel - BOOK THREE - Latin Music - Latin Styles - Latin Riffs - Double Time Latin Riffs - Latin Riffs - Salsa - Spanish Flamenco - Mexican Mariachi - Cuban Mambo - Cuban Rock - Jamaican Reggae - - Even Feel - Even Feel, No Downbeat - Shuffle Feel - Shuffle Feel, No Downbeat - Colombia - Brazilian Samba - Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia - BOOK FOUR - African Music - African Riffs -North Africa & The Middle East Somalia Mali Guinea Cameroon - Republic of Congo (Zaire) Zimbabwe - South Africa & Soweto - BOOK FIVE - Boogie Lines - LARRY GRAHAM & MARK KING - Slap Bass - - Slap (Beginners) - - Larry Graham - Slap (Boogie) - - Mark King - Slap (Popping) - JACO PASTORIUS - Fretless Bass - Riffs - Fretless Bass Solos - Natural Harmonics - Chordal Harmonics - Arpeggio Chord Progressions with Harmonics - Synthesizer Bass - Modern Riffs - Jazz & Progressive Lines - Modern Riffs - Jazz & Progressive Lines




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  2. For sale: Two fender bass books. The Haynes Fender bass Manual, and Hal Leonard's The Fender bass. Both in as new condition.

    Looking for £12 per book posted or £20 the pair posted within the UK.




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  3. For sale: A Samson AG1 wireless system. Comes with transmitter and receiver plus a Samson mains power supply for the bass unit. Fully working and in good condition.

    Looking for £75 posted within UK




  4. On 6/22/2014 at 15:35, funkle said:

    Has to be said though, the Zoom's built in paraEQ and and Fishman Pre models on the B3 are really useful, and the high pass filter on the Fishman model is difficult to get without buying an actual HPF (eg thumpinator, etc).#


    Sorry for the thread hijack, but which pre is the fishman on the B3? I don't see it here.

  5. 13 minutes ago, pineweasel said:

    "Chromes" is the brand name for D'Addario's range of flatwound strings: http://www.daddario.com/DADProductFamily.Page?ActiveID=3768&familyid=18&sid=bb654faa-90e8-4174-87c0-e84ba40ab08b

    Probably where my confusion is coming from. I use D'Addario NYXL on most of my basses, and D'Addario 'Chrome /Flats' on my P-Bass. Think I'll play them in a bit longer. Maybe giving your suggestion a try at some point chris_b

    Thanks for the help guys. Still learning after 50 years of playing. :biggrin:

  6. I've a P-Bass that I put either Chromes or Flats on about two years ago. I am not sure which I put on the bass. I'd like to try the 'other' ones...Can anyone link me to a couple of images please of these two types? So that I may get an idea of which I have on the bass at present.

    Adding an image in case that helps anyone identify what I already have on the bass.


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