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  1. Yeah, John most likely only got a fee for that gig. It's Michelle that's trying to raise money for him to get him through a rough patch, scary when you get ill as a musician you're basically f*ck'd if you haven't anything put aside.
  2. Yeah he's singing out of tune in public! 😂
  3. Tanks Mickey, he is indeed a lovely man...grooves like a mutha too.
  4. He's a master of understated basslines, thanks Len.
  5. If any fellow basschatters can help John out he'd really appreciate it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McKenzie_(musician) https://www.gofundme.com/john-michael-mckenzie?fbclid=IwAR2Xl3GxSO8f0hF7feS9cF884yflKPdehqRpZRz77MdAy50VzWGLdlDUi2o
  6. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/apple-staingate-macbook-pro-replacement-program-extended/
  7. Don't buy a retina screen because of the de-lamination issues that weren't solved. I'm on my 3rd screen.
  8. Good Bloody awful, morose drivel 🤣.
  9. His son is called Rocco, a fine bass player too.
  10. http://www4.cs.fau.de/~koesters/Privat/Wal/walspec.html
  11. Indeed, i have it. Recently noticed a drop off in hearing in one ear, got a hearing test and found out it's actually both ears. When it first manifested it wasn't pleasant at all, tinnitus, dizziness and generally feeling crap till i got a diagnosis.
  12. Once i got the right physio about a year, i just have to be careful. 100-40 gauge strings (low tension) and low action helps.
  13. My tendonitis stemmed from a shoulder problem caused through bad posture, i managed to sort it through NHS Physios giving me stretches to do. I paid for private physio and acupuncture at it was a waste of money, it took a while to die down but it eventually went away.
  14. My old man got investigated a couple of times....self employed taxi driver so i suppose the cash aspect flagged him up.
  15. The good thing with an accountant is you can get them to represent you and prepare you're books if you get a tax investigation, and you can claim their fees back as an expense .
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