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  1. i had these a while back and the e was comletely dead and the g was like a rotosound swing, i thought they were utter crap and ended up sending them back and getting a refund
  2. not a capo but if you really want to you cant wrap surgical tube around to work like a capo, you have to tug it tight and knot it round
  3. i think dean markley blue steels used to have grey silks waaaay back when, theyre blue now i think
  4. never tried them never will think they look gross
  5. definately strings direct or bass direct
  6. im not picky to be honest, pun was not intended, but i seem to have a fair few yellow tortexes, and i think i like them but anything will do for me to be honest as long as its not like .5mm or not the normal 351 kinda shape
  7. they are definately great ive changed my mind before after ordering and emailed back and they changed them for me, great people
  8. depending on how long ago you had the blue steels they might be different now, they changed a while back you can tell from the silks changing from grey to light blue. havent ever tried them but ive heard the new blue steels are a bit iffy with qc but i cant say myself
  9. they say mani of the stone roses used them for the 2016 reunion tour on their website, hes my favourite bass player of all time so they must be good, although looking through pictures of the 2016 reunion i dont see the blue silks of elites anywhere, seems to be red which leads me to believe he had rotosound flats on and him using the elites grounds might be bollocks
  10. do you wipe sitting down or standing? lmao. myself i never wipe my strings or wash hands before playing to be honest
  11. if you love the nickel lo riders then id just get a higher gauge set
  12. i had some olympia cheap flats a while back that i refunded because the e and a were dead while the d and g were bright, they also looked the same as the one on the right
  13. nice guy, fair price quick postage i reccomend
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