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  1. I have a BAII on my jazz and it sounds better and is easier to set up compared to the piece of tin that was on it before and doesn't rattle. I fitted new strings but only because I had already bought some new otherwise I would have put the old ones back on
  2. Providing I get my washing machine sorted out I'll bet there with Trace Elliot and Warwick flavored gear. Might even bring little Liamtbass along with me, he's just started playing in a band at school.
  3. [quote]What the hell is that wall of lights in a flight case behind The Edge??[/quote] He did explain on the guitar thing that was on BBC4 a while back. I think its a bank of procesors that try and make him sound good. A bit like the singing machine the boy band used on the simpsons. IMO take his delay pedal off him and he'd be f***ed!
  4. I had the same problem on my Jazz bass until I wound the neck PU down a tad.
  5. It's got to be Hendrix for me. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCQBbgb_Lvo&feature=related"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCQBbgb_Lvo...feature=related[/url]
  6. I used to tune a whole tone down D-G-C-F in a band I was once in due to the singer being unable to reach the notes and then having to go down another semitone because some of the songs we did were even lower. I think it can work for original material but we were doing covers of punky songs and if you didn't keep the tempo up it would sound like an old 7 inch single played at 33rpm* *for those who remember 7 inch singles
  7. That website looks interesting, I'd like to know the prices.
  8. [quote]If you all go on a diet now, you'll be able to fit on that Stage by September. I bet you're looking forward to it though, stunning audience and one of the easiest load-ins ever.[/quote] Ha, yea, we're only a trio with a small set up and don't move about much. I have seen 4 and 5 piece bands there with full Marshall stacks and a huge drum kit squashed in. It's sort of my local, as in it takes about 10 mins for me to walk there so I go down most Wednsdays to sample the ale and watch the bands. Access is good unless someone parks across the end of the alley (like they did on Tuesday night). Oh and there's the resident heckler Marty who's good for a laugh.
  9. [quote]I only have the "Anarchy in the Ukulele" DVD to go by, so I may be a bit behind the times.[/quote] A mate of mine leant me the CD of this.
  10. Cheers guys, [quote]I got the impression he meant there'd be other gigs before this one in September.[/quote] Yea thats what I meant I'm hoping that we will start gigging within the next month, will keep you posted.
  11. After showing our potential at a local open mic night we have been booked at the Quakerhouse Darlington for the 30th September. Like I say I hope it's not our first gig but it's getting the ball rolling.
  12. I use Status Hotwire flats on my Warwick and they sound great IMO. I'm about to order some more for my Jazz bass.
  13. Bought a Badass II from Shaun, came well packaged and he kept me informed. Top bloke, Thanks
  14. I have a VMJ with a Mighty Mite neck and it's alot of bass for what I paid. I was very impressed with the Classic Vibe Jazz that they had (for a short while) in my local shop. I'd like to try the Precision basses but they don't tend to hang around on the shelf for long.
  15. Status do black nylon flatwound, I'll be getting some in my next order. I really like the flatwound they do, nice and mellow. Here's a link [url="http://www.status-graphite.com/status/frames/index_home.html"]http://www.status-graphite.com/status/frames/index_home.html[/url]
  16. Not that fussed about the headstock. I like the sunburst one but the pickup cover would have to come off. It looks odd without the bridge cover IMO, its both or nothing for me. Any idea of prices? Would deffo like to try one
  17. [quote]Just had a look at his other pics. So the bass is actually a Fender Japan non-export model. So when is a Squier not a Squier... when it's a Fender.[/quote] I found another (this time not American D'oh ) [url="http://www.bassexchange.com/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=28&products_id=1314"]http://www.bassexchange.com/catalog/produc...roducts_id=1314[/url] athough its been sold
  18. Don't think there is owt wrong with the stack pots, just google it and there's quite a few including an oly white one for sale somewhere. The price is a bit on the steep side, even if it does come with a hard case. Here about 1/3 of the way down [url="http://webcorral.com/store/index.html"]http://webcorral.com/store/index.html[/url]
  19. I love playing the blues, I am currently in a blues trio looking to start gigging in a month or so. There is a great book/CD collection by Chris Rea called Blue Guitars that goes through different eras and styles of blues, worth a listen.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. I've now got a bigger car (just got back from picking it up) so should be able to bring all my gear (another Warwick). Told the other guys in the band that I was going to a bass bash, they just looked at me funny and laughed.
  22. [quote]You guys must have known that March 1st was my Birthday...Top marks!!![/quote] Ha! tis mine on the 5th, I've been given the green light off the Mrs.
  23. Providing I've got a working car I'll come. Have you got lecky up there yet or central heating, if not don't worry I'll bring an extra jumper.
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