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  1. The Fender Jazz 75 Reissue American is a highly sought after instrument.  The Condition is "Used".

    A few dings and light blemishes in the laquer at the back.  Smooth neck with  no dings. The  Bass is supplied with new strings (dunlop super brights) supplied with hard case which has 1 broken lock. The other still locks.  


    Badass bridge II & bass lines pickup upgrades included.  

    Shipping to uk is £30 including tracking

    Full contact will be given during purchase.

    I am not after trades unless it is a ken smith burner 4,5,6 hadrien model also are my only wants.

    Many thanks














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  2. Went for the classic 

    Sea Foam Green P-Classic w/Jazz neck and tortoise pickguard: US$2299
    Matching headstock +$100
    Extra mint pickguard +$50
    Total cost (case and shipping included): US$2449
    Pics attached was surf green with matching headstock.  
    Just paid deposit Can't wait to have the bass in a year or so time 12-13 months




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  3. *not review - just a update for @spyder


    Firstly, I have been on the hunt of making my Ken Smith voice it's preamp.

    The amp I was previously using sounded great with my Jazz bass (75 reissue black block inlays) but masked my Smith.  Weird huh?

    The Forte has come forward with letting the Smith preamp just produce that sound.


    I have spent a lot of time trying all the dip switches inside the instrument, different strings, pickup hights action amp settings - Kind of going crazy since I bought the instrument  back in end of march.  

    I would watch videos of bassist online who had the sound and I didn't?  I'd copy there tone controls and wouldn't even come close.

    I didn't believe the Smith preamp could be so masked that it just sounded like a good bass - but  thats not the reason why I own the instrument.  there are a lot of instruments out there that sound great.  A Smith sounds like a smith - Fact.


    So where I am going with this is - if you want a clean sound buy this amp.  I get the smith sound with everything flat it doesn't even need to be dialed in...  :) very happy..  so now I can honestly say I have the smith I have always wanted since I bought my 1st smith back in 2010...  I sold it back to bass direct as I wasn't getting that sound...  I was using Markbass back then and was using it until this Bergantino turned up.

    I have my computer connected to the Aux in and head phones in the port at the back for silent practices too


    I'm getting a new computer so will post the sounds when I get logic for it.  Will record straight in from the bass amp too..


    There is so much on the market and It was between this and the trickfish 1k.  I bit the bullet on this as there was a 30 day return policy with Thomann and 3 year warranty...   So If the amp didn't meet my needs they are happy to take it back.  Luckily I lucked out and found the amp I needed.

    Many thanks,



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