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  1. I had some back&forth with them and they confirmed their replacement bass also had a few minor issues such as the weirdo nut, and the cost of living crisis kicking it up, so ultimately I asked for a refund for now. Thomann started stocking it again, so hopefully I can look into buying it again in a couple months.
  2. I have been using the Talman shortie since last October, and I noticed the satin neck slowly became glossy and sticky. I usually play in gloves due to sweaty hands, and the gloves slide around anyway so it's not a big deal, but interesting that moderate use can cause this. Even towards the body, where I don't play as much as up around the head or the middle. The only satin parts left are the very end at the head, and the very end at the body. Ordered some scotch brite on ebay...
  3. Quick update, still waiting for Project Music. They're waiting for a replacement which they would review before sending off to me. They are still cool about this, just had some staffing issues, both techs were out. I told them no rush, not in a hurry, I'd still rather get a replacement bass instead of a refund and happy to wait for it.
  4. I'd still say this is an AMAZING instrument if you manage to get one without all the quality control issues I am returning it now and the shop will try to fix it somehow, replace it, or just refund it. And then if they can't fix it and must refund it, my mission will be to find one that works well, as I am in love
  5. I guess setup-wise most was done that could be done, intonation looked quite alright. They could have carved the nut a bit (or just install a new one, this being dirty and looking horrible overall ) but not sure if that's usually part of an on-sale setup or not as an industry standard. Anyways, I'm sending back the bass tomorrow, and PM is very helpful about it, their tech will review if anything can be fixed, or if it can be exchanged, and in the worst case scenario they will just refund. No hassle dealing with them.
  6. It IS very disappointing, since I have now done some comparisons with my Talman (equipped with EMG Geezer Butlers which I really like!), and the Sterling's sound is just SO MUCH BETTER, I am honestly stunned at the jump in quality.
  7. My buddy suspected it's carved out of a toothbrush
  8. Ok, so just to sum up, I had: 1., A bent tone knob 2., Visibly ugly glue job between the neck and the fretboard near the body 3., A terribly looking nut with a gap behind it, seriously, the nut on my £150 Talman is an ivory masterpiece compared to this one 4., Some small glue spots on the neck that you can feel when sliding your hand around 5., Tiny paint job chip where the neck joins the body 6., And of course the string saddle that does not allow the E to go lower than 2.5mm, directly impacting playability I'd expect a much shorter quality issue list from a £600+ bass to be honest. I could roll with most, but the high action I can't accept. Checking Talkbass, I see a lot of people have similar issues (some say quality noticeably dropped when Covid started), and they either return the bass, or shim and change the nut, etc. For now, I'll try to get mine replaced if they still have that other one in stock, or just get a refund for now and will try later Really wanted this bass but not at any cost, like shimming the brand new instrument etc. p.s. the G string is flat dead, the others sound pretty good but that's really just splitting hairs, I'd buy new strings anyway.
  9. Yep, in case anyone else would be wondering, I am NOT liking the bass so far, because it's not made well. It's a lovely instrument but the QC is just plain awful. More on this in order not to derail this thread:
  10. Unfortunately I don't like that, really need the blue beauty Anyway I have contacted Project Music to see what can they do. Shim it for me, or replace with the other one in stock, or cover the costs of a luthier, I'm down with anything... don't tell me I'm not flexible Let's see how they handle it. I will only return as a last resort. Thanks for all your help and checking the saddles, action etc, really helpful!
  11. I am considering that, but it's not in stock anywhere, so might go down the luthier way. We'll see, it's still very new, got to know it first
  12. Thank for checking, I could work with THAT. But I don't have any adjustment space left and it's still between 2.25mm and 2.5mm... very very high for me, even when fretted (so lowering the slot won't be enough).
  13. Yeah nut is a bit high but not terrible. Truss rod is almost alright, and I could tighten it a bit, but I was once told truss rod adjustments should never be used for adjusting action So I looked into this more and if I will decide to keep it, I'll get it to a luthier to shim the neck I guess.
  14. Got it this morning, what a beauty! Still getting to know it. Small issues: the nut s a bit slant, has a gap behind it and does not look very clean overall. And two of the knobs are not straight at all. Minor stuff but a bit annoying. One serious question to fellow owners: don't you find the action very high? I just LOVE a very low action, but out of the box my E string is already on the lowest possible setting (see pic, it's already touching the bridge plate) so there's no more wiggle room at all, and it's still crazy high for me.
  15. I DO love ALL sorts of neck markers! Except LED ones But I do see how it's beneficial to some people under some circumstances.
  16. We're getting a bit off-topic here but my pet peeve is putting bright blue LEDs into EVERYTHING. You can't buy a phone charger or a USB hub these days without it lighting up a dark room, or burning small dots into your retina if they're constantly in your field of vision. And then I have seen people/manufacturers actually installing LEDs as markers / decoration in the bass neck... 🤮
  17. Good to know! They promised a Tue or Wed delivery, can't wait I think they're down to the last piece, I almost needed 2 (for a friend) and had them confirm they actually had only 2 left. Ultimately I only needed one, so the other is still up for grabs
  18. @ezbass is the pickup standard size? In case I'd want a white stingray pickup cover
  19. Ordered one finally as I found stock in one single shop, Project Music in Exeter, every other place it's a rolling "will be in stock in 1 months" status for quite a few months now . Doublechecked with them if they REALLY have it in stock and apparently they do, so hoping for a fast delivery now
  20. There's an Ibanez shortie on the market now for £135, can recommend to anyone who wants to peek into the world of SS for a reasonable price.
  21. ...but why would I watch someone play an already great bassline as is? Yeah, "overplaying" is his thing, but at least he keeps it groovy. I can't stand the Devine style. All that talk, then some non-groovy technique-y riff with bends, hammers, weird timings and melodies, my head never ever bobs to his playing.
  22. Everything you say is keeping this bass on the very top of my "next to buy" list.
  23. I check this beauty every day basically, and trying to convince myself I need this, but then I practice a bit and I realise I'm not even close to being decent enough for a fretless 😁
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