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  1. just to add a comment what people probably dont realise is that there buying a work of art not a can of beans so to speak..which is the same price more or less wherever you go in the country what one person percieves as expensive another sees as not you can spend £10- 75k + on a car and drive it off the showroom and it will devalue instantly let alone over the next 5+ years
  2. Agree with you there friend..most people would rather spend the money on a new car or holiday..but not everyone has the love of old vintages..
  3. Any bass or guitar boils down to personal preference and how much you can afford IMO..and Ive played plenty probably more than most on here I started playing in the early 60s absolute with crap gear clawed my way up to better stuff
  4. What you think is crazy money wont be in 5-10-15 years time
  5. This is my 1962 Fender Jazz bass, I bought this some 10 years ago it was not in great condition it had been stripped to bear wood..so spend some time getting it professionaly restored nitro repaint etc, people always want vintage guitars in perfect original condition, thats not always possible price and avilability are the main limiting factors with a vintage refin you have the option the get the colour you really like if not you can change it , my option was bear wood or a refin ! she will be 59 year old this year (2021) fantastic fretboard and good all round bass wont lose value like a new guitar ..new car or money in the bank, feels good sounds good looks good and is an exceptional player whats not to like ! in case youre wondering is it for sale.. make me an offer I cant refuse..😁 Enjoy the pictures...
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  7. weezergeezer


    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=3][size=5]This is my Fender Jazz Bass[/size][/size][/font][font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=3][size=5] 1962[/size][/size][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=3][size=5](54+) years old[/size][/size][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=3][attachment=216574:IMG_3525.JPG][attachment=216576:DSC_0075.JPG][attachment=216575:DSC_0070.JPG][attachment=216577:DSC_0056.JPG][/size][/font]
  8. [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=3]Fender Jazz bass......1962 ( 53Years old)[attachment=200621:DSC_0080.JPG][attachment=200622:DSC_0056.JPG][attachment=200623:DSC_0082.JPG][attachment=200624:IMG_3525.JPG][/size][/font]
  9. I recently bought a vintage Jbass from Daniel, at that time I had just come out of hospital and was unable to collect, I wasn't keen on using couriers either, I told him of my dilemma and he actually went out of his way to personally deliver it add to the mix that on that day I unexpectedly ended up in A&E and wasn't even home at the arranged time, fortunately my wife was and all ended well so I found him to be honest, reliable and a thoroughly decent human being....Thanks Daniel you're a true star *
  10. What's that bass your holding in your member picture ? The pbass for sale looks the Mutts....... Dude
  11. [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]Put me down too ! 4 is better than 3 !!!!!!! [/size][/font]
  12. [color=#000080][font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif][size=7]No Longer for sale......decided I can't live without her.........[/size][/font][size=7]you guys break my heart[/size]......[/color] [color=#000080][size=7]yippieeeeeeee.....thank you[/size][/color],
  13. Thanks guys......I love bass's like this.....real working stuff, been out there doing it, not stuck in the bedroom she's a great bass, never let me down,...Ive got tears in my eyes....I kid you not....parting is such sweet sorrow
  14. OK....Sir, I stand corrected.........thank you
  15. Ernie Ball musicman stingray bass, 1997 2EQ in used condition, has quite a number of knocks and digs on body work....definitly "road worn" there's a chip on the fretboard near fifth fret (E) but dosent impeed playing ability overall a great bass apart from the body work, plays as good as any stingray out there, appreciate it may not be everyone's ideal bass, but if you can see past the knocks then this may well be a bargain for you....£650 P&P £30 or collection welcome, non MM hardcase inc need more info or picture's please ask..... located london/Essex, M25, junc 26/ 10 mins
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