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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1465303680' post='3066925'] Or upgrade the BB2 to an FR800 which would be even better! [/quote] A speaker upgrade was the other option 🙋🏻 Trouble is I really like the kemper but with the power section only going to 8 ohms it can be found lacking for bass .... A trade up on the BB2 could be another option I guess .... 😕 .... I do already have an rs212 that I can pair with the BB2 though ....so thats why I was thinking the amp route.
  3. That's interesting the 2u being superior to the 1u .... I wanted 1u as I wanted to keep the rack case size as small as possible ... I'm on a 4u case already ... With the kemper and wireless iems. Thanks for the info though everyone ... That's great.
  4. I've been gigging with a power rack kemper into a Barefaced BB2 with PA support for about a year now .... And it sounds awesome. However .... We have been doing recently some festival multi band gigs ... With more coming up ....just using our own back line .....and my set up is underpowered as we have to push the volumes up a bit .... Becomes worse when I add a 2nd 8ohmn speaker ... In fact it clips the output section of the amp ... Which cuts out the sound .... Which is not good in front of a room full of people. So I am prepared to invest in a poweramp... Hopefully 2nd hand .... That I could use in these situations. I've been looking at the Matrix GT 800 and GT 1000 amps but I was wondering are there any alternatives to these for bass? It must be light and preferably 1u. Many Thanks, Sean.
  5. Bought a TC rs212 off Geoff. Turned up in great condition and really well packed for the courier, delivery was very quick too. Easy transaction and a pleasure to deal with. Thankyou Geoff 👍
  6. [quote name='Prime_BASS' timestamp='1453070743' post='2956200'] Bump [/quote] Ah thanks for the Bump ... It is still available as it's still sitting in my spare bedroom not being used .... I was actually thinking of trying to purchase the classic cab to go with it and do some gigs with it ... So any markbass classic cabs available at a good price ... Please let me know.
  7. [quote name='Tradfusion' timestamp='1441221147' post='2857104'] Does this come with the little transport trolley? [/quote] Sorry no trolley.
  8. New price £450 Nice easy to carry combo with cover ... I gigged with the cab for a while along with an Rs212 cab and it does sound awesome ... Moved onto a Barefaced cab now so it's no longer required. Cab has a few cosmetic marks on it through gigging .... But obviously doesn't affect the performance. The head I bought on here 2nd hand sometime last year and I've hardly used it ... I do have the original box for the head. Not really after any trades unless it's a markbass classic cab to go with the classic head I can't sell. I think £475 is a really good price for the two items ... So priced to sell.
  9. I've pmd you about a trade on this cab has some cosmetic scratches and marks on it. Sean.
  10. It is amazing .... It just doesn't get used ... I play through a Kemper now live ... Just for versatility and portability not because it sounds any better .... This is too good to be sat in the spare room gathering dust
  11. It's been a while thought I'd bump this up again 🙋
  12. Ha ha ... I'm usually unlucky lol ... But the TC gear I have used since is much better
  13. Just to say I did have TWO of the older more expensive versions blow circuit boards when using them live a couple of years ago .... Luckily both were covered by warranty from GAK.... It wasn't loud enough either when I played with my rock covers band .... Maybe they blew as I was pushing it too hard or something ... But I had the 2nd one replaced for new and then got rid as they seemed unreliable
  14. That's probably from the same company then? ... As I would be some sort of copyright on using the logo .. Thank you very much
  15. Cheers both ... Shame there isn't a picture on the Barefaced web site so I could actually look at one.
  16. Hi all Does anyone have any pictures or comment on the quality of the official Barefaced cab covers? I've just ordered a BB2 and was wondering on the quality ... As they ain't cheap at £75 .... Roqsoild go for about half that money so are they twice as good? Many thanks
  17. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1430479408' post='2761796'] I haven't done a gig in the last 20 years where a 210 would be enough. Playing with a drummer, the smallest rig I'd carry is 2 112 cabs. PS Barefaced cabs would be the only 1 cab solution that I would try. The Retro 210, BB2 and SC might suit you, also one of the original 15" Compacts.- [/quote] This.... Its why I ordered a Barefaced BB2 yesterday.
  18. I tried gigging with just a TC RS 210 and that wasn't enough in a Rockband for stage volume with PA support .... I had to add an RS212 ... A Markbass cmd102p wasn't loud enough either.
  19. I use a Kemper powerhead live into an RS210 and Rs212 cabs every week for live performance and it works great .... I chose the powerhead as it has a dedicated output from the power amp section to run straight into guitar cabs to act like a standard guitar head for live use .... It's rated at 600w at 8 ohms and 300w at 16 ohms in the manual ... But I've been running it into the two 8ohm cabs ... 4 ohm load ...for a while now with no probs ... According to the forum running the cab at lower ohmages won't damage it ... Which seems to be the case. I've not tried Bi amping yet ... So can't comment on that .... But the pitch shifter and effects that come with it are awesome ... It's a great purchase
  20. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1418767050' post='2633226'] You might want to look into these (don't seem to be readily available in the UK) - [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_powerplay_p1.htm"]http://www.thomann.d...owerplay_p1.htm[/url] theres always the trusty [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_hpa_in_ear.htm"]http://www.thomann.d..._hpa_in_ear.htm[/url] too. (just get an extension cable for your headphones) [/quote] I have the powerplay P1 and it's very good ... Fairly cheap too ... The xlr cable going into it ....did seem to get in the way a bit on times though.... But a great sound. I have however now purchased an LD Systems MEI 1000 g2 bundle from Thomann as the guitarist has just moved to in ears too so he paid for half of it .... I must say I'm really impressed with it too as I was initially worried the unit would cover the really low bass sounds as it only goes down to 60Hz ..... But it's been great ... Crystal clear ... No interference ... And no cable .... I'm honestly well happy with it. I use 1964 QI's with it .... Which are great too
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