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  1. the YC6 is still mine since I bought it from Rai back in 2011, if I wouldn´t have a very nice Noguera Expression 6string Fretless I would buy this one. Noguera Basses are superb. Greets Arpi
  2. Hello, what about a trade against this? https://www.bassic.de/kleinanzeigen/fender-jazz-bass-1972-for-sale-or-trade.9076/ Greets Arpi
  3. Hello, everytime I see a Roscoe 3006 I ask myself if they have neckdive because of the relatively small body and the upper cutaway (doesen´t know the right expression in engl.) going only to the 13th fret. What´s the weight and the Stringspacing? Cheers Arpi
  4. Hello, thanks for the reply, The weight is very important to me, please try to weigh it as precise as possible, Cheers Arpi
  5. Hello, sorry but if it takes almost two weeks to get the weight I guess it takes a year to get the Bass, I´m out Greets Arpi
  6. Hello, weight and String Spacing please Cheers Arpi
  7. Thanks very much, but that´s too heavy for my old back, GLWTS Arpi
  8. Hello, any Idea of the weight and scale? Cheers Arpi
  9. Hello, could you tell me the weight, scale and the string spacing at the bridge? Would you ship to Germany? Cheers Arpi
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