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  1. I just noticed this thread resurrection with some surprise. The Bongo is long gone. Thanks for asking though.
  2. [quote name='Kiwi' timestamp='1352490068' post='1863878'] He's got good taste, hasn't he? [/quote] Oh, does this mean I have to stop being boring and go out and buy a BC Rich or something even pointier? (apologies to aficionados of spiky basses.) And cheers funkyjimbob, it was a pleasure. B.
  3. Well, having accidentally seen funkyjimbob's wanted post last week, I've just rather spontaneously sold my Zon to him. I know it's the thing to big people up in this context but really this couldn't have been an easier, quicker, friendlier transaction. Great guy, deal with complete confidence! It's such a pleasure to meet an an appreciative chap who puts up with my relentless bassnerd banter so politely.... Cheers B.
  4. Those pics look... oh wait. Noooo. You're making me want it back. B.
  5. Just sold my Eden to Col. Wonderful chap to deal with - everything went swimmingly. I'd trade with Col again without the slightest hesitation B.
  6. Can hardly bear watching the Murray match anymore bump. B
  7. Cheers Bilbo, I was beginning to think I'd mistakenly applied some sort of 'cloak of invisibility' to this thread! B. [quote name='Bilbo' post='1250499' date='May 30 2011, 05:16 PM']Mine was £1500 10 years ago (and I still Love it). This is dirt cheap.[/quote]
  8. Oh, and I'm perfectly happy to listen to offers on this. You might catch me when I'm feeling generous and/or weak. B.
  9. Bump for lower price. This really is an excellent amp. B.
  10. Aw shucks. Many thanks both for the nice feedback, it was a pleasure. And thanks also for starting this thread and dragging my shocking business practices into the open! All the best B
  11. Now effectively sold. Thanks so much to everyone for their interest, enthusiasm and some exceptionally tempting trades. B.
  12. Cheers G! The Bongo is still available... B [quote name='bigsmokebass' post='1237400' date='May 19 2011, 08:56 PM']BUMP! pretty rare, in mint condition, beautiful bass going MEGA cheap and super friendly seller: cannot think of another reason for anyone not to buy this. all the best Ben, G[/quote]
  13. My current, drummerless band means I need relatively minimal amplification at moment, so here's my very good Eden Metro. It's a brilliant combo, which has never failed to sound excellent. I'm sure you all know the specification so I won't go on about that. Generally very good condition, about the only thing to note is some scuffing on the plastic corner protectors (which I suppose is what they're for). Comes with a heavyish padded vinyl cover. You'd need to collect it from near Oxford, or I'd be happy to meet up if it's not [i]too[/i] far away. [b]£580[/b] seem fair? It's cheaper than the last one sold on ebay. I know I'm going to miss it but space at home has gone well beyond critical B. [attachment=80552:_DSC8656_Edit.jpg] [attachment=80553:_DSC8658_Edit.jpg] [attachment=80554:_DSC8659_Edit.jpg] [attachment=80555:_DSC8662_Edit_Edit.jpg]
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