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the blind horse

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  1. Frank bello fb4 bass wanted

    I am keen on getting my hands on one of these at a good price
  2. Metal Bassist available +35

    Experienced bassist +35 available for Groove Metal, Alternative, Sludge and Heavy rock. Touring and recording experience, song writer and back vocals (Aggressive screaming). Transport and Pro Gear. AMPEG SVT, Music Man basses. My sound is massive and I am a fan of distortion. Bass style between Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton somewhere, mixing both stoner and thrash groove. Confident and intense stage presence, great image. Based in Kent, so prefer this region but will consider most locations for the right band/sound/ability. Influences: [b]Sabbath, Metallica. Mastadon, Soil, Alice in Chains, AC/DC, Old Ozzy, Tool, Soundgarden, Old Megadeth, Pantera, Lamb of God- list goes on. I also have a range of other musical interests[/b] [b]Please no time wasters[/b]
  3. ESP LTD FB4

    Hi All I am looking for a ESP LTD FB4 to add to my collection. [email protected]

    Still avail? 07909525306 text me your price currently and payment options
  5. 5 string Dean Vendetta for sale

    [b]Dean Vendetta Bass 5 Dean Vendetta Bass[/b] Description: Tiger Eye This guitar's finish is awesome. Dean Vendetta Bass Features: Bolt On Construction 5 Piece Maple Walnut Neck Rosewood Fingerboard 2 Dean Pickups with active 2 band EQ Black Hardware Razer Wire Inlay Tiger Eye finish This bass was gigged five or six time and hasnt been played in 3 years. Time to sell it. I spent £500 on it and would be pleased to get half of that. It has a white scratch on the back and a few nicks here and there, but overall is an incredible instrument for the money. I have seen other Dean 4 string basses before and they suffered in comparison to this model in relation to quality, sound and professional build. Pick up preferred. email [email protected] gravesend [attachment=118505:VENDETTA4.jpg][attachment=118504:VENDETTA3.jpg][attachment=118503:VENDETTA1.jpg]
  6. Rock Metal Alternative bassist

    Alternative rock metal bassist seeks members or band in the Gravesend, Medway, Essex (Rainham) or Central London areas. Ampeg, Ashdown, Musicman equipped,Transport, recording and touring experience. riff writer, performer, lyricist. I am looking for semi professionals 35+ preferrably but not to worried about age. Very interested in hook driven heavy psychedelic blues oriented rock metal.. Monster Magnet meets PJ Harvey/Metallica. I am not worried about world domination of any kind, simply want to write killer tunes and let the music do the talking. Where it takes us is irrelevant as long as we enjoy the ride. Would like to record a album and try and earn a living at it if possible! Old stuff of mine [url="http://www.reverbnation.com/blindhorse"]http://www.reverbnation.com/blindhorse[/url]

    [quote name='508pir' timestamp='1320590149' post='1428640'] How about a flight cased ashdown ABM810 [/quote] Thanks ..tempting but I think it will be more laborious in the long run for me..thx tho
  8. Ampeg 4x10 Bhlf , 6x10 ampeg or ashdown

    Great idea thanks for your help!!
  9. Marshall MB4410

    Thanks guys they certainly are the right price am also considering the ashdown 610 my ampeg 810 was to heavy to get around wtih, i need power and portability , am running a 575watt ashdown evo II rackmount head with a Musicman sterling ray 34
  10. Marshall MB4410

    I am considering the mb 410 and running it with my ashdown evoIII rack mount.. is the cab loud enough?

    Thanks for the response. I am not really familiar with the Warwick sound, but have had friends that would use anything but their basses. Why are you parting ways with it and how much are you looking for? Is it a 8ohm or 4ohm? thanks I am at [email protected] if you want to direct message
  12. ----------- Possibly found Ampeg to purchase, will let you all know! and thanks for all the help!!!!________________--------------- Hi all I am looking for a used ampeg 4x10bhlf; or will consider a 6x10 either ampeg or ashdown. Just downgraded from 8x10 ampeg and need something portable and loud enough for clubs with a great sound will consider 4ohm or 8ohm Thanks

    BUMP.! Hi all I am looking for a ampeg 4x10 b hlf or the equivalent in ashdown 6X10S considered. Basically I dont play as much as I used to and sold off my ampeg 810 but now need something reliable, loud and easy to transport.
  14. ampeg 8x10 cabinet

    [quote name='Rasta' post='1132868' date='Feb 18 2011, 10:29 PM']Bugger, would have swapped my SVT4x10hLF if you were closer [/quote] Oh man - am looking for one of those! May end up buying new
  15. ampeg 8x10 cabinet

    [quote name='the blind horse' post='1132124' date='Feb 18 2011, 12:49 PM']I do will put some up tonite email me at [email protected][/quote]