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  1. 33 minutes ago, BassAdder27 said:

    E8563578-805B-4EC7-9DEF-BDDB7A41678F.thumb.jpeg.2f7f6abe0667b512d174d5fb4b71d2fa.jpegBE7A3A91-8A75-448B-903F-6272CF506CC8.thumb.jpeg.3c462e8b06a0c33d1b075763277d8025.jpegBass arrived  and it’s more vintage cream than the white as shown in the site image. 

    Out of the box it plays nicely but I’ve worked on it setting it up and making a few adjustments to truss rod and action / intonation. 
    A lot of rock grind can be squeezed out of this but it does have the Stingray quiet D and G strings compared to the E and A 

    I have lowered the pick-up on the bass side and this has helped. 
    All in all it’s a decent bass for the money £349 and will mostly be my spare / house practice bass. Will try at next band rehearsal to see how it sounds full tilt 

    That's really beautiful, and better than the pic on the website.


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  2. Stunning pedal, no longer getting any use from me. 

    Distortion, tuner, compressor, DI, it's Dug in a box but a lot more versatile than just that.


    The pedal is in excellent condition, the tin shows signs of the odd bump. I don't know what I've done with the instructions but they're all on the Tech 21 website.

    Comes with power supply.


    £200 posted or collect and get a free biscuit OF YOUR CHOICE.






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