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  1. 166 views to date, and one helpful reply....thanks "Hillbilly" is it the "Aussie" thing, or are you just a bunch of stiffs, that lick each others arses. ? f*** ya's Shove ya forum.!!
  2. Geez,...thanks for all the help Hillbilly, thank you, the battery is fine, and I didn't know you could spray those pots with WD40. I will probably have to get guitar tech to look at it.... =$'s
  3. I don't really know how to word this correctly, nor am I convinced it is in the right,... spot, but, but c'mon lads, I need help. I can talk to you on, valve timing, piston ring end gaps, and a whole heap of other subjects....but electronics leave me cold,(and I bet I'm not the only one) My drama: a while back (last week) I plugged my(this) bass into the amp, and, after making a few adjustments, I noticed that there was a crackling noise, when adjusting Bass/Treble control, which is a stacked unit (it is a 2 band EQ if that helps) The BASS (tone)has gone missing I plugged in again today and it sounds as if someone is trying to kill a cat, (excellent idea) I stopped immediately as I didn't know whether damage to amp might just be around the corner. All other basses are fine, so not amp. My basic question to you is this: Are the pots (potentiometers) (controls) dependent on $ value and could this be the case, or is it something more sinister. I have read in other posts where people say they are swapping out this for that (ie: pots that are 250k, replacing with 500k. (whatever that means) Are these pots (potentiometers) a big deal, and do you think this is the drama, as I am reluctant to plug the bass in again, unless it does "kill cats" Any info appreciated, and I hope I have made some sort of sense. ?? and.........have a good Christmas "one and all"
  4. G'day Geoff,....and "Merry Christmas to you too mate !
  5. Any BC'ers like Tune basses ? I bought one recently (Japanese manufactured Bass Maniac) , and cant seem to put it down,.. I love it. :wub:
  6. Have a look here, [url="http://www.forte-notation.eu/en/index.htm"]http://www.forte-notation.eu/en/index.htm[/url] two versions one free one costs ya, I downloaded the free one just to try, and think its great. the program allows you to compose your own music, and then listen to it in any instrument you so desire. eg: compose a bit of music and then select, electric bass, finger style, or upright bass, acoustic bass, whatever. There is a tutorial on how to use it but I just blundered around until I worked it out, I'm lazy like that... Try it,... you will lose nothing. !
  7. G'day Munk,... I'm not convinced that I know the correct terminology of "arsey",....and I certainly wouldn't want another fight with a Scotsman,...the accent is really pathetic when ya's start cryin But I'm with ya on this one. I like to keep the instruments that I own in top condition, and have never been able to understand, how individuals that own "top of the line" instruments, can knock the f***ers around Not everybody obviously,... but a lot do. ! A well made quality musical instrument should outlive its owner. ! Mojo my arse,....careless f***wits more like it. But Munk,... if you are pedantic about keeping your gear in good nick, and,... I applaud you for that, then let me give you this tip....there are some[i] great[/i] brushes to be found in your wife/girlfriends/ poofy uncles make up bag. I got sprung raiding my daughters makeup bag, (cost me $20, she's a shrewd little twat) but its the best twenty Ive spent for awhile. I got what is called a "Blusher Brush",??..(cost me $20).. but this is the softest bit of gear there is, I don't know if its natural or man made fibre, but its so soft its hard to describe without sounding "rude". I have a little cleaning kit (best description I can come up with) and the most rudimentary bit of equipment in there is a toothpick...make of that what ya will. Keep on keeping your gear in good nick Monk, and check the wifes/girlfriends/ poofy uncles makeup bag.... don't get caught,...it could either,... cost you, or raise suspicions...
  8. [quote name='Moos3h' post='682883' date='Dec 13 2009, 10:36 PM']I'll probably get taken outside for saying this but: If you haven't, try a Squier Classic Vibe first. All I'm saying is try one. I did, I went to Machinehead Music with a clear credit card and tried every Jazz bass they had (which was, from memory 5-6). The roadworn wasn't one of them. I objectively played them head to head through a good amp and made my mind up almost instantly when I picked up the Squier. I've owned one of these in the past and stupidly sold it, I've got this one from Machinehead and I have another on the way to me. They won't be for everyone, and some people won't be able to get past the name on the headstock, but all I am saying is that EVERYONE in the market for a Jazz of any kind should at least try one! Cheers, James[/quote] Yeah,..taken outside for a pat on the back mate. Good comment. ("[size=2][i]some people won't be able to get past the name on the headstock[/i][/size]") That's just about it isn't it,.....the name on the headstock.....if its not a ****** , then its not a real guitar. !! Thanks for that James,...makes me feel,.."I'm not alone
  9. Does anybody have any experience with these basses. ? [url="http://cgi.ebay.com.au/SX-TRADITIONAL-SERIES-CUSTOM-HAND-MADE-PRECISION-BASS_W0QQitemZ370294234537QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Musical_Instruments_Instruments?hash=item5637419da9"]http://cgi.ebay.com.au/SX-TRADITIONAL-SERI...=item5637419da9[/url] I want to try a P Style bass, and the reviews sound good. And... what would be a reasonable price. ? (I know that question is subjective, but any information will be twice as much as I know. !! Thanks for any/all input.
  10. I would go with the Cort, but I am biased toward Cort, as the ones I have are brilliant. I cant fault them,... and I "try to". ! and besides,....the Ibanez is possibly [u]made[/u] by Cort.
  11. I have the same bass and found the tone a bit bright (for want of a better word) with the D'Addario EXL 165 Roundwounds that are the standard fit on these basses. I replaced them with D'Addario Chrome Flatwounds 50/105 and they have certainly given the bass more "balls". Try that first before you fork out for new pickups, ...works for me. !
  12. F*#k this, (sorry Sibob) ...but I'm goin ta bed. Yes "Skank" for president of something ?? And Michael Manring....a talent obviously, but where do ya get "stunning"...?? I'm not trying to be a smartarse, (sorry Sibob),...or antagonistic,...but that sort of thing would only appeal to a minority surely. !! I have just watched Cliff Williams....he's a Pom isn't he,? doing his thing with AC/DC....I have a new found respect for "British" bass players, and the Precision Bass,...basic,.. but good. He should show Michael how to do it. !!
  13. D'Addario XL Chromes 105/50.... :wub: :wub:
  14. I have to agree with Bumfrog...this was the same advice given to me,(same scenario) and it worked,..put the bass/basses away and forget them and anything bass related. (for a while anyway, ie: 2 weeks ??) Could ya manage that. ? Its the same for writers and artists etc, (they all come up against that "wall",.. take a break from it, and you will be surprised at how refreshed you feel when you grab that bass again, you will wring its flamin neck.
  15. Personally I like the natural wood look, but then I like Sunburst as well, although some look crap. Never liked Purple either until I bought a Tune. [attachment=34148:More_bass_002.jpg] [attachment=34149:More_bass_001.jpg] [attachment=34150:More_bass_004.jpg] [attachment=34151:Copy_of_...2_edited.JPG]
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