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  1. Hi, ill take this if still available. Drop me a pm if so. Cheers
  2. Super clean - that’s a really nice one
  3. This is seriously cool. My friend has a sunburst one. Same year as your and very clean. We’ve gotten so much use out of it in the studio. If you’re into that new order/ the cure bartone sound one of these is a must!
  4. Highly recommend this pedal. Best synth bass pedal I've ever tried. Good price too (I expect exchange rate has made new ones pretty pricey).
  5. I've just come home from holiday to find mine waiting for me. This pedal is absolutely awesome. Having some fun with the pitch factor to get some thick harmonised synth sounds. [quote name='Jus Lukin' timestamp='1462377057' post='3042534'] This may be 'distortion' in the sound engineer sense rather than the guitarist/bassist sense. [/quote] Check out an earlier post in this thread. There was a regular distortion circuit in the original DI apparently. It is very evident in some of the patches on the FI. [quote name='funkyjimbob' timestamp='1463069786' post='3048329'] Sorry I meant import duty into the UK. I'm sure I've ordered from Hungary before and been charged at customs. [/quote] Hungary is in the EU, so you pay their VAT, but no UK VAT or import duty. They joined in '04, so if you ordered before then, UK tax and duty might have applied.
  6. [quote name='Kiwi' timestamp='1460960393' post='3030057'] I tried the Pitchfactor with my Deep Impact - it was OK but the Pitchfactor tended to compress things a little making it sound slightly less analogue and rich. [/quote] I guess that's to be expected. There's no such thing as a free lunch!
  7. Just received an email saying mine will be ready to ship within days. From what I've seen on heard (physical niggles aside) this is an amazing (sounding) pedal. I'm thinking of hooking it up to my recently purchased Eventide pitch factor, so I can control some of the filters via midi using an expression pedal. Running before I can walk perhaps, but sounds like it could be fun.
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