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  1. Very good, you know how to make it !!!! [url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]Some news for musicians , here[/url]
  2. MusicMan needed a new Design for bass, after all this years..surely it diferent !!guess some people need some time to like Bongo look , or maybe never will like it !! ohh well guess this days its about the Look+Sound [url="http://www.MakeMusicNews.com"]Some News for Musicians , here .[/url] m
  3. some original Head ...nice!! [url="http://www.MakeMusicNews.com"]Some News for Musicians, here[/url] m
  4. [quote name='JPJ' post='461553' date='Apr 13 2009, 09:05 PM']Build number two started with me buying this bass off Thunder Fingers here on basschat. The spec was just too good to miss, Status Graphite Neck, OLP Tony Levin sig body, Badass V bridge, Seymour Duncan Alnico pickup, Seymour Duncan 3 band Stingray preamp, Hipshot American Classic tuners. As you will note from the shot of the back of the bass, the body isnt in great shape so I intended making a new body out of this; A rather nice two piece swamp ash body blank and cap it with this; rather tasty piece of quilted maple cap, all the way from the good'ol US of A The finish will be transparent black which should look good with the black hardware. Cant decide whether to steam the maple and drop it over a front contour or whether to do a slab body, either way the intention is to do it with PRS style faux binding. I hope to have a day in the workshop (shed ) next weekend and unlike my previous build, I intend taking progress shots of each stage of the construction to bore you lot with! Just a little routing, sanding, a little more sanding, some sealing, sanding, staining, sanding, lacquering, sanding, lacquering, sanding, polishing and I should have bass No 5 in the stable.[/quote] guess cannot say its a musicman , because its 50% musicman - 50% Status LOL the body and pickups are important..but a graphite neck its also important ! when you are playing live , and someone that do not know about basses, and music stuff , gues when see that , it will read "status"..so will think is a Status :-) .
  5. i had a SWR Goliath II (4x10") (think was 500w, not sure now) and was the best Speaker i had... i put the SWR head almost in max Volume , and the head was 400W ( now the SWR head is 500W, but mine was 400w)! was a cover band , this was when we need to play in opens spaces..and the SWR speakers , just moved a little , and was a very GOOD surprise the first time i saw this, How can the speakers move sooo little , almost like if the amplifier was working at 50W LOL , but no the amp was working at 400W...God the first time was a little worryd to put the Amp + speakers almost in max for 2 hours, but when i noticed that the speakers there almost without moving..uau , i felt safe Never saw a Speakers like this ones. usualy the ones i saw live , i can see Very Well the moving of the speakers , somes like if they want to go out of the box LOL i REGRET the seller this days!! n.[url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]Some News for Musicians[/url]
  6. yes i understand your thoughts about changing you bass sound , because of pedals....but when i was talking about Digital , was more for the Multieffects pedal, not one pedal effect !! Try some, but you must also know about settings , because many times people do not know how to use settings in the Compressor , or even chorus ..etc, and after, they say that the bass sound is bad . thats why some Sound Engineers or Producers can make a diferent in some Recordings, the same aply to musicians, some can make a good sound in the midle of the band when are in the garage , or stage, others not ! Working and using the effects parameters , is also a learning process always, because the same parameters in diferent Pedal makers , can sound diferent !! ohh yé...for example you read somewere that a good "Ratio" for bass is 4:1 , but then you try with your bass+amp+your style , and .....and you do not like it that way LOL , but then suprise , with another pedal that setting already work :-) So Better know how effects work, to feel confortable acessing the parameters, and,.....hear...hear... [url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]Some News for Musicians[/url]
  7. i like the Zoom digital multi effects pedals....do not like analog pedals!! if you notice ,people at home use the computers for Recording ? use the plugins for compressor , reverbs , etc....right? but why ??? because since the music is inside the computer , in the Sequencer, We can make all the changes without add noise , distortion etc, because the sound are in digital format , well guess this one everyone knows LOL Thats the way Digital Pedals work too...you plug the bass , the pedal sample at 24bit,, then you Compress , you Eq, etc..all in digital format , nothing is lost (like the computer + soundcards we use at home for recording ) the Digital pedals this days sample the sound at 24bit..then process inside at 32bit , its realy High quality most of them , well some are realy High quality like the Zoom , digitech , boss..!! (please do not say that digital is more cold , and analog is more Warm ,bla bla.. that remind me the old talk when some people start to use computers for Audio Recording, and the rest of the world say that is cold sound etc etc...Well some years Later ,there we are in the digital, we all use it :-) ....ok ok i know some people have analog/valve pre at home before the soundcard....but..the Digital converters this days are so Professional and good! well guess it me that love Technology for Bass players...like superior components (graphite basses), nice modern Bass Design (not the big , heavy body from the past with that thing we call pickguard, eheh..even Cars makers left the Crome..hey the present is now , [b]BASS PLAYERS DO HAVE TO STAY IN THE PAST[/b], ehehe (and becarefull , Keyboard players are taking some bass jobs)....well lest keep going, i love Digital pedals (no noise,Memory banks..etc) ,and i like Light weight speakers !!! Period i like the bass Players that are more famous then the guitar players in their bands...you know the ones, the Bass players that no not stay there close to the drummers , like if we are the poor musicians , someone forgot them there ehehe....well im geting bored now...better go :-) [url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]Some News for Musicians[/url] n
  8. Rogerio Rosario

    Zoom B9

    i tryed the zoom....its fast chaging patchs, soooo clean sound (no noise) , the factory patchs are very good, from distorsion, octaves , and a mix of sounds that i do not know how to drescribe !! all right sounds for a bass, plus strange sounds if you prefer synth bass. the Pedal have some direct knobs access , for EQ,, etc... i always think about Boss pedals...but the zoom is amazing..!! its 24bit converter..but inside its a 32bit !!! well the bass did not sound digital , was a nice time when i tried..did not wanted to leave the shop LOL....you can read the manual at Zoom site , just to see how it is easy to use!! [url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]Some News for Musicians[/url] .,m
  9. so cannot say its a Music Man ...because its 50% half , Status Graphite LOL why not to buy a Status [quote name='cd_david' post='476298' date='Apr 30 2009, 06:59 PM']Thanks to Nick, Doctor of the Bass, On anothr of his purchase trips round the UK, we met up and I bought this little beauty off him Lovely neck, I fell in love with graphite with the Vigier I got from Nick last year and im a sucker for a Ray so I couldn't resist this one.[/quote]
  10. . we want to see more pics of the job...this is great !!!! [url="http://www.MakeMusicNews.com"]Some News for Musicians[/url] ç
  11. a good option...that straps ! [url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]Some News For Musicians[/url] .n
  12. what the sring spacing at the bridge Avistar? [url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]www.MakeMusicNews.com[/url] .b
  13. i know a guy that had problems with a Behringer 2x10" combo , 2 times 1 of the speaker "broke" ...do not know if was bad luck or the speakers are not God !! [url="http://www.makemusicnews.com"]www.MakeMusicNews.com[/url] .m
  14. SPAM REMOVED dood moderators
  15. you already have an ideia aboutt color , or is wood finished ? [url="http://www.MakeMusicNews.com"]www.MakeMusicNews.com[/url] .c
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