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  1. Yes, the Plek process happens without strings, but the initial scan is taken under string tension, so that after Pleking and when tension is applied, the neck is level. In any case, I’m going to ask Sandberg to use my preferred gauge (45-105) as a base tension to start with and to send my bass strung with the aforementioned.
  2. Cuzzie, You seem to know your stuff or have an educated opinion. I opened up another thread “Pleking with diffierent string gauges” From your experience, does it make a difference if a bass is Pleked with 40-100 gauge strings when you will be using 45-105? I did the math and there is about 12.5% more tension with 45’s over 40’s Also, the difference between tension on either side of the neck is greater with 45’s. Example; for the low side E and A strings vs the high side D and G strings there is about 3.5% more tension on the high side with 40’s and 8.5% more tension on the high side with 45’s. Will this 12.5% increase in tension and the increased percent of tension on the high side cause the neck to warp differently enough to be significant? Should I ask Sandberg to Plek my bass with 45-105’s? Should Sandberg be asking me what gauge I use? Thanks, Tio
  3. According to D’addario’s string tension chart, a set of 4 string Pro-Steels, for a 34” scale bass, exert the following pressures. Gauge 40 to 100. Gauge 45 to 105 40 = 33.8 lbs. 45 = 41.9 lbs 60 = 43.7 lbs. 65 = 47.3 lbs 80 = 40.5 lbs. 85 = 44.9 lbs 100 = 34.4 lbs. 105 = 37.3 lbs ______________________________________ Total 152.4 lbs. 171.4 lbs 69.77 Kilos. 77.9 kilos A 12.467% increase in total pressure from 40 - 100 gauge to 45 - 105 gauge. With the 40 - 100 set; the combined pull of the G and D strings = 77.5 lbs or 35.22 kilos. The combined pull of the A and E strings = 74.9 lbs or 34 kilos. This is approximately a 3.5 % more pressure on the high side compared to the low side. With the 45 - 105 set; the combined pull of the G and D strings = 89.2 lbs or 40.45 kilos. the combined pull of the A and E strings = 82.2 lbs or 37.36 kilos. This is approximately an 8.5 % more pressure on the high side compared to the low side. I’m no math wiz, and I only plugged in the numbers, and there are probably many more numbers to be plugged into this equation, but a total pressure increase of 12.467% from 40’s to 45’s and an 8.5% increase in tension from one side to the other for 45’s compared to a 3.5% increase for 40’s, must somehow influence the neck as it’s Pleked. Wether Pleking with the correct tension taken into account makes a real difference; I don’t know, but I’m convinced that Pleked is better not Plekes.
  4. I was under the impression that the Pleking machine took the initial measurements with the neck under string pressure to account for bow and warp that the pressure causes, and then makes the final adjustments without strings. If this is true, then string gauge should make a difference on how it influences the neck. How much????
  5. Should a bass or any other instrument be Pleked with the same gauge strings that will be used on the instrument? I recently ordered a Sandberg TM4; Sandberg Pleks their basses and they come stock with 40-100 gauge and I plan on using 45-105 gauge. Should I ask them to string it with my preferred gauge before Pleking? If so, shouldn’t they be asking me this question? This may be splitting hairs, but I’m thinking that Pleking is supposed to be precise enough to to be splitting hairs. Thanks, Tio
  6. Thank you everyone! I've decided to stick with the Delano's, but I thought about it long and hard. I really love Ida Nielson, but I'm not in love with her sound. I prefer Julia Hofer's tone and she has basically the same setup I ordered Alder/Rosewood/Roasted Maple Neck/Delano Pups The exception being that her bass is a TT4 and mine is a TM4, and her bass is aged, so in theory, it would have come with Sandburg's vibration treatment which I'm now weighing. Anyone else want to comment on that? Julia's other Sandberg bass is a TT5 Superlite that she also chose Delano's for, but there's no vibration treatment. Tio
  7. SirMoxie, I can't agree with you more. Why would Sandberg put an inferior pickup in their basses? But, they put both pickups and more in different basses, so neither one should be inferior, just different. There is no upcharge if I want to switch to Black Labels, so I'm still on the fence. By the way, the inventor of Moxie was from Maine which is where I'm from. Cuzzie, It looks like you've done your homework, so I agree with you too. You certainly prefer Black Labels' but you also don't bash, and even say good things about Delano's; coming to their defense when someone described them as being "DEAD". Therein lies the rub. Two great pickups either of which I'd probably be very satisfied with, but one which I would be just a little bit happier with for my style, "and I want that one". O well! I'll be talking to the Sandberg rep. soon and he also seems to like Black Labels'. There's no upcharge, so there's no conflict of interest. He also leans towards the Vibration Treatment which is another can of worms. Thank you for your input guys. It seems I can't go wrong either way.
  8. Cuzzie, Are the Black Labels really that good? I just ordered a TM4 with the stock Delano's. Alder/Rosewood/Rstd. Maple Neck I still have time to modify my order since they are 6 months out. I play in a small church setting and am just starting to slap. So far, no one has been offended at my attempts to play more percussively, but in reality there are only a few songs that would be conducive to slap. I often us my volume control to swell in hammered on notes to emulate a cello, so I'm looking for a bass that can do funky and mellow. Should I stick with the Delano's of go for the Black Labels? Anybody else want to chime in? Thanks, Tío
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