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  1. Let's rewind a bit and do things a bit more straightforwardly. 😃 Here's a playlist with our songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4eHJyuhSraEET8hvPRye4rKBSVFiNve We're based in London, within 10 miles of where the Queen urinates. Get in touch if you're interested!
  2. Is that clear enough for you? Maybe you should look through the site more?
  3. Wow! Are you guys on drugs??? DO you really think I am going to leave my basic info with all the scammers out there?
  4. I like the kind of cheese that doesn't involve your negative comments.
  5. Howdy, American singer songwriter/lead guitarist and another guitarist seeking a bassist and drummer. Learn more by checking the website. Look up Colton Lee Wilks on YouTube or click on my link. https://www.clwmusic.com/my-story Thank you. CLW
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