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  1. Rarely does a cover band actually play the correct bas line to Jumping Jack Flash which is cool by me. I was recently embarrassed to find that I've been playing a bum note in an original song for the last 3 weeks though. Hey, I just stepped out on a little jazz outing for a quick minute...
  2. There was a guy nicknamed Grasshopper on a video from Bass Central some years ago that made me want one regardless of the shape. Granted he is a monster player and would sound great with anything, but the Big Al had a huge number of really different tones. What kept me away was the weight as I could only find 9.5 lbs. and up on the used market. I'd buy a Big Al featherweight if there is such a thing.
  3. Hello; I've been aware of BC for ages but made the voyage since TB is not open at the moment. Former recording engineer when dinosaurs roamed the earth (twin 24 track, 2' tape, big rooms, and real consoles!). Played my first paying gig with a fake idea about 40 years ago. We just started safe rehearsals a few weeks ago and hope to see some clubs reopening this summer but do have 2 outdoor jobs scheduled. I usually play Fenders or G&L with Ampeg amps. I'm assuming that live music in the UK is still a long ways off?
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