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  1. I like the middle option.
  2. Classy looking bass.
  3. Agreed. Unsurpassed stock and always keen to help. Bought a Genz Benz Streamliner head and 2x12" cab from Mark several years ago, purchased a few bits over the years via website and I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Dingwall D-roc Standard 5 string ( hopefully this month ). A shop I'm always keen to buy from.
  4. Finding this thread very informative, as I'm considering buying another Dingwall D-roc Standard later in the year. A black one, which I would like to vinyl wrap deep metallic red, but just the front of the wings, leaving the raised centre matte black.
  5. Hi folks. Expecting my first Dingwall very soon and was wondering if there is an ongoing 'owners club type' thread on here?
  6. I had one. Fit & finish - superb for the price ( better than some higher priced models ). Pickups & pre-amp - no noticeable noise & quite usable tones. B string - underwhelming & ( personally ) not enough tension or presence. The B string was the only reason I sold it
  7. daz70

    Dingwall Porn

    Can't post a pic yet ( hopefully very soon ). I'm expecting my D-roc Standard 5 string in blue/purple colour shift sometime in March. Ordered it for my 50th birthday last June. Starting to get a bit excited.
  8. I use a Darkglass X7 set with a light drive on the upper frequencies & the low end clear. It's my main "always on" sound. It's a great sound for general rock/punk. For heavier stuff I add a layer of Darkglass Alpha-Omega.
  9. Here's my little setup Spectracomp - Darkglass Alpha-Omega - Darkglass X7 ( alway on mild drive ) - Sub n Up - Memphasis Steam chorus - TC Vortex Flanger
  10. The EHS looks like a really cool instrument. I'll pop up my thoughts on the D-roc 5 when I get my eager little hands on it
  11. I pulled the trigger on a Dingwall D-roc Standard 5 string last June ( to celebrate a milestone birthday ). It's due this month hopefully. Looking forward to my first foray into fan-fret basses.
  12. For me it all depends on the song/genre I'm playing. I used to be finger-style exclusively ( with a bit of slap ) but with my current band I use a pick for some and fingers for others.
  13. daz70

    Hello all

    Hi folks. My name's Darren a bassist for almost 35 years from the Northeast of England. Currently handling bass and lead vocals with "Victim of Authority", an Alt-rock/pop-punk covers band ( once this horrible pandemic is over obviously ). Gear wise I've tried everything over the years ( from Warwick to Spector & from EBS to Hartke ). At present my set up is a Genz Benz Streamliner 600 and Genz Benz 2x12 cab with Darkglass & Memphasis pedals. Bass wise I'm using a 2012 Gibson Thunderbird, a Fender Flea Jazz bass and an "own built" Jaguar style PJ. I'm expecting a Dingwall D-roc Standard 5 string in the next few weeks. I've been active on talkbass for many years, but a lot of the chat there is US centric, so here I am
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