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  1. Here is my Stingray 5. In beautiful condition (only one v.minor mark on it, shown in last pic)

    Colour: Pacific Blue burst with white pearloid scratchplate.
    Serial No: E49486

    I got this 6 months ago after buying a cheap 5 string and quite enjoying it. Sadly haven't ever properly got to grips with it and just end up using it as a back up for my 4 string Ray.

    Would prefer to trade it, but will sell for £900ish?

    Trades i could be interested in are (4 stringers only, obviously!): Sandberg California J, Stingray, Sterling, Active Fender Jazz. Or maybe another nice active 4 stringer (not keen on warwicks)

    Hit me with any suggestions you have?


  2. Do not fret Purpleblob!

    This just recently happened to my Stingray, no amount of new batteries or fiddling could sort it, after much stressing the problem was traced to the battery compartment being busted, a new one is just £11. The thing is it was really hard to sus out what was going on cos it looked fine, connecting the wires directly to a battery exposed the fault (might be worth a try?)

    Sadly i am still waiting for said part, as it has to come all the way from the old US of A.

    In the meantime i am starting to get used to a Fender Jag and thinking it sounds ok........It is only a matter of time....


  3. I purchased a Trace Elliot 4x10 cab from this Bass wielding Manc. I found it to be very reasonably priced, and loud!!
    Delivery was arranged and the cab was well packaged. (+ the grill had even been re-painted, how good is that?!)

    So consider this feedback, type thing: [size=5]POSITIVE [/size]++

  4. [quote name='Musky' post='389358' date='Jan 23 2009, 10:16 AM']Welcome back to the bass playing fold! ;)

    I found myself in a similar position a few years back, having gone a while without playing. Feels good to be playing again doesn't it?

    Nice gear gear BTW.[/quote]

    Your right, it does feel good! I have become super enthused about music again, its quite strange really how you can drift away from something you love doing. Perhaps its all the late nights and carting heavy stuff about that dull the enthusiasm??!

  5. Hi

    I have just started playing bass again after about 5 years. Been reading this for a few months now, so thought i'd better join in proper.

    Decided to play again after moving all my stuff from one place in the house to another had gotten too much. Finally thought i'd better either sell it or find a band. Found a band, cant believe i forgot how much fun it is!!

    Band plays Rock covers, Usual stuff really.

    Current gear:

    Trace Elliot GP7 300w head
    Trace Elliot 1 x 15
    Trace Elliot 4 x 10 (Just bought from on this yer forum)
    Musicman Stingray (Black)
    Fender Jaguar (White) (new)
    Ibanez Soundtank Chorus pedal

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