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  1. Woah that went fast- on hold pending the usuals
  2. Danelectro Dano 63 Longscale - red burst Great, super light long scale bass made in the ilk of the rest of the magic Danelectro family. Lipstick style pickups pack plenty of punch, great bass if you have a bad back and want something with an individual personality. Few nicks and scuff from a well loved instrument- only selling as not getting the love it deserves in the collection at the moment. Gumph from the web: The Danelectro Dano 63 Long Scale Length offer heavy retro vibe in a 34-inch scale length bass guitar with a unique and versatile sound! Based on the Silvertone 1457 guitar which Danelectro produced in 1963 for Sears-Roebuck department store in America, the Danelectro Dano 63 Limited Edition Long Scale bass guitar features several improvements over the originals. The Dano 63 Long Scale Bass use a plywood frame with pressed wood back and front rather than the masonite found on the original, an adjustable bridge rather than the wooded original, and sturdier tuners. The hollowed non-contoured body is light and comfortable, and adds a bit of top end to the bass tones. The Danelectro Dano 63 Long Scale Bass guitar features two lipstick style Alnico magnet single-coil pickups, volume and tone pots, and a 3-way toggle pickup selector switch.
  3. For Sale (no trades.... trying to reduce my collection a little!) G6136LSB GRETSCH WHITE FALCON BASS, w/ Hardcase and original paperwork. Made in Japan, 2006 Bought this BEAUTY from Bath Vintage & Rare in the middle of a tour a few years ago, and it doesn't see the light of day that it deserves. Beautiful bass in immaculate condition, with original hardcase (which has a few scuffs on from being in the back of a van- w/ 2 original keys), gretsch paperwork, etc. Only used on 1 tour, in the studio once or twice- would love to see it loved! Based in Brighton. Great punchy tones, nice and lightweight and obviously looks like an absolute mistress- probably the most head-turning eye-catching bass in existence- and not tons around (or in use). Great playability, super comfy (though a reach to the tuners cus of the scale). Comfy padded back (so no buckle rash either), gold hardware and Gretsch screw on strap locks. Year: 2006 Weight: 7.3lbs Scale: 34" From the weeeeb: This gorgeous top-of-the-line Gretsch bass is modeled on the classic White Falcon guitar. The double-cutaway body has an arched top with oversized bound F-holes, gold-sparkle binding and white back pad. Other features include a three-piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl Neo Classic thumbnail inlays, dual TV Jones Thunder’Tron humbucking bass pickups, three-position pickup switch, three-position master tone switch, standby switch, Space Control bridge, “G”-cutout tailpiece, gold-plated locking tuners and gold-plated hardware.
  4. Ah probably not- basically just cash or B7K. Thanks though!
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