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  1. I bought a Quilter BB-800 from @emilibass and he was absolutely fantastic to deal with. The item arrived quickly and Emili was very helpful and communicative throughout the process. He even helped me with some Spanish vocab when I needed something from the store. Highly recommended and I would be happy to deal with again — thanks Emili!
  2. Hola @jazzburger! Si they speak Catalan here, but also Spanish 😀 I am learning Spanish right now, but eventually would like to learn Catalan too! Love the username btw!
  3. Hi @Teebs 'Oceansize' is a Jane's Addiction song I am very fond of. I suspect any band called Oceansize might have the same influence 😉 If you're unfamiliar with JA, I highly recommend checking out Eric Avery's bass work.
  4. Hey everyone, Reformed guitarist now fully-committed to the sweet and low-down. Recently moved to Barcelona (just in time for a global pandemic) and am currently twanging away on a Fender Jazz Bass into a headphone amp so I don't get evicted. I like a ton of different styles of music, from Punk to Jazz, via Motown, Doom, and tons of pop too. I look forward to lots of shared GAS with you all. Cheers!
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