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  1. Hey Rogerbass66 where about in Italy are you located? North?. I might check it out in person with cash in Hand, when the Covid-19 craziness declines a bit. I am frequently for business in Veneto Milano area..... Cheers Zeb
  2. Hi Bassdude, would you be interested in a Schroeder 1212L ? I´d suggest the Schroeder should be worth in the 350 GBP range. So my offer is that you´ll receive the Schroeder and 300 EURO in cash for your 2 GS 112. Let me know if you are interested. Also let me know where you are located ... I might fancy a road trip to Belgium and we can meet in person to settle the deal. Thanks, Zeb
  3. Bought Schroeder 1212 L cab from Michael. Effortless transaction! Its a pleasure doing business with him. Great guy, very supportive and helpfull. Excellent! zeb
  4. Hi Michael, money is in your paypal account! Cheers, Zeb
  5. Wow nice SWR sound! Seems like finally we can get the true SWR signature sound in a small package. But it seems quiete noisy...almost to the degree where I´d get concerned about maybe unusable noisy!? And I thought my Markbass can be a crackling noisebox at times...but this seems far worse. (and I play singlecoiled noisy vintage J Basses exclusively) There still seems to be some issues with the SMPS technology and I imagine adding a 12AX7 tube crancked in a super tiny housing wouldn´t help the general noise floor. I guess I ´ll stick to my trusted Markbas LMII.... If I get the early 90s SWR slappy happy desire I can still cranck up the VPF and arrive in similar sound terrain.
  6. Cheers Rim Basses, let me ask a few questions: is it 4 or 8 ohm ? Neo or Ceramic driver ? total weight ? Would you consider shipping to EU mainland ? If you are putt off by int´l shipping would you agree to box it up and I´ll have a courier pick it up convienently at your place? Kind regards, zeb
  7. [quote name='slacker42uk' post='640406' date='Oct 29 2009, 08:23 PM']Now with the pics I promised[/quote] This is one hot Jay !! I want that bass! But I don´t have a Trace 4x10". How about some cash ? What is needed to get you a Trace 4x10 ? (I have no clue for how much these are going for ?) How about a vintage SWR Goliath II 4x 10"? Cheers,
  8. Since you bump´d it up. I assume you still have some interest selling the LowEnd Jazz. I did send you email and PM, but you don´t seem to care to come back to me. ??? Anyways, once again I tell you: I will buy this Bass!!! (unless the truss rod is severly f***ed up or something...) I can arrange for money transfer immediatly or personal pickup within a few days.... Let me know what keeps you from answering my questions and finally closing the deal. Cheers, Zeb
  9. Hi rockinbassman, I did send you an email. I really want to buy that Bass! Please drop me a line so we can finalize the deal. Cheers Zeb Gottschalk ___________________________ Funk is what you don´t play!
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