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  1. Hi Jack I have sent you a pm

    regards  Trevor 

  2. Jack i knew your Grandad from age 12 till i attended his funeral. My sister Pat was a mate of jeffs and this is how i got to meet him. My early memorys, i swapped a scalextric set for a bass which he later borrowed back, that was the last i saw of it!

    He would turn his hand to anything, with perfection.

    I lost touch when you moved to Theydon Bois. but purely by chance. bumped into him one day at The Co Op Brightlingsea where he was shopping with his Mother, i would never have remembered him but he remembered me. Turned out he was living just down the road to me in Clacton.

    He popped in occasison for a cup of tea and a cheese roll, last time he was here he checked out a guitar for me. He would speak about the basses he made.

    I was with Jeff a week or so before he died. We were in a local club watching Dave Edwards and Denns Sratten, he was in great spirits. It was a great shock when i heard the news

    He was an extremly talented person and i have many stories to tell. and some pictures. my sister has lots of  memories.  

    When things settle down we can get together  and .an hav a rabit.

    Meanwhile stay safe and well

    1. lowdown


      Jonny, it might be a good idea to copy this into the thread. It is easy to miss hear.

  3. Thank you Gary! Bringing back a lot of memories for my dad! Brilliant! Again, thank you so much I really appreciate it! Jack
  4. wow. I’m actually going to Australia later this year to do a years worth of travelling! Yeah that sounds like him haha, yes he loved his motorcycles his favourite was his Harley! It’s so great to see that people are still using his basses. One of the biggest things I regret is not learning to play he always tried to teach me but I was too young and had other interests like the PlayStation and football haha! I knew my grandad was a talented man but I never knew how much & just over the last few days I’ve found so many nice words about him. Its all so interesting to me so anything you have photo wise of my grandad or his guitars or even silly little stories I’d really appreciate it!
  5. I am really good friends with Jeff. Infact just spoken to him recently. [he is living out at Clacton] Not doing any Bass stuff at the moment. He built me a couple of Basses in the late 80's [one was a great 6er, also his repair work was great] If you want to speak to him PM me your name and number, and i will pass it on. He likes his privacy these days. Garry Hi Gary, My names Jack Finch & Jeff was my grandad unfortunately he passed away in 2013. I’d love to know what you know about him and if you know anyone that has one of his guitars? My Dad Lee Finch unfortunately, didn’t get to keep one of his guitars as it was so sudden. Reading this makes me so sad & I just know how much it would mean to my dad if i could get hold of one. Funnily enough, Dave Swift was using my Grandads guitar on BBC live on the NYE countdown! I would love to hear from you! Kind Regards, Jack Finch
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