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  1. The Serek gig bag for 30'' basses is a perfect fit for the Mustang as well!
  2. I see! I used it on my nano for years. I flipped it sideways and put my compressor underneath. Together, they used the same amount of space as a Shiftline/Sansamp preamp. I sold my Zvex to buy another drive pedal and boy, do I regret that. I used the Zvex as a set-and-forget OD and for that purpose it was lovely. My second suggestion would be the Mad Professor Amber Drive (for bass, which is available on their website). It sounds huge and is easy to dial in. The WM Smalls Pork & Pickle would be a great compromise as well since it serves as a drive and/or fuzz.
  3. Aguilar Tonehammer 500 run 500w on 4ohm, is pretty lightweight and sounds amazing!
  4. Owno

    Diamond pedals

    I just noticed that there is one for sale over at Reverb! It is, as E sharp said, a typical always on affair. A great pedal.
  5. The junior version is, what I'm aware, the exact same pedal in a smaller enclosure. I use my pedal all the time (and much as Boodang, I do love the tilt EQ)! I noticed there was a Jr for sale at Reverb just now if you are looking for one.
  6. Dirty Loops two weeks ago. Henrik Linder was incredible!!!
  7. Seems like a great band! Thanks for the the tip through this thread. That is a thing of beauty, Clarky! If you ever decide to part ways with it I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  8. You can order the Midwestern in 32” these days. It will however cost you an additional 100 USD I think.
  9. Sell all of your other basses and go for it! That is what I did to fund my Midwestern. 😄
  10. That is the source of inspiration for this build, indeed.
  11. Lovely basses! I followed this example and just placed an order for a second Midwestern myself (with a Lazenby-B90).This is my current:
  12. This one? The Japanese late 80’s/early 90’s Fenders are great! … and so are the Tokai Jazz basses!
  13. A used Japanese Fender/Squier Precision or Jazz would be perfect for all sorts of old school heavy metal. If you play rock music in standard tuning there is little need for a 5-string.
  14. This is my pedalboard: 1) Shiftline Olympic MK3s 2) WM Smalls Pork & Pickle 3) Diamond Bass Comp Jr 4) Polytune mini 3 Sometimes I use a Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb and the MXR vintage octave mini instead of the Shiftline preamp: a setup I find much more versatile. Unfortunately, I sold my Z.Vex Basstortion and bought the Pork & Pickle instead. I am totally underwhelmed by the new pedal, which really cuts all the low end in comparison with the Basstortion. 🥺 The two pedals that will remain on my board forever is the tuner and my beloved Diamond bass comp.
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