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  1. I’d like another Serek Midwestern (this time with a B-90!) or a Wilcock Mullarkey.
  2. Hatfield and The North - The Rotters Club. Richard Sinclair’s tone is absolutely extraordinary and he sings beautiful while playing as well. Such a great band from the Canterbury scene.
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  4. Looking for a Wilcock Mullarkey. All finishes are of interest. Cheers!

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    2. Owno


      Thanks, but they are all sold and long gone.

    3. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      He posts regularly on Facebook - I imagine you could always order one.


    4. Owno


      Hi Jack! I know, but I just don’t have the patience to wait for a year. 

  5. Thanks, Dazed, but that is not the Mullarkey. I think that’s simply called the MM cause of the pickup.
  6. The Wilcock basses look absolutely stunning. How do they compare to Sereks? Does anyone have a Mullarkey for sale, by any chance?
  7. My wife does not mind new basses as long as they are surf green, daphne blue or other pastel colours.
  8. Old Hagström basses from the 60’s almost always had necks like broomsticks. Check them out if that is your thing!
  9. It is inspired by the Epiphone Coronet guitar and Newport bass seen to the gumbyesque body shape and pickguard, for sure. In terms of playability this is - dare I say - way better though. Here’s another pic of my bass from the Serek factory floor: It plays like a dream, weighs less than 3kg and sounds incredible. Another beast than my JMJ and P-bass. I highly recommend all short scale fans contemplating whether to purchase a slightly more expensive bass to order one (if low output thump is what you need)!
  10. I just got my Serek Midwestern after a long wait. I’ve played short scale basses (Mustang) for quite some time now, but this is something else!
  11. Looking for a Wilcock Mullarkey  (any colour is of interest)!

  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Anyone selling a Broughctave pedal?


  14. Yay - congrats! I bet it sounds great through your TKS cabs!😀
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