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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8U5POtlQMc Hippopotamus - Desmond Dekker. The best version of the song in my opinion and what a great song it is. I'd have this played at my funeral. (Sorry for cluttering up/spamming the thread by posting several in a row. Won't happen again, even though I must admit I have vivid technicolour dreams of softly embedding all things I love in the most subtle yet luxurious way.)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLprC8HVlXU Another great one from him.
  3. One of the songs I'll keep coming back to. Been a favourite of mine for years, It's from the album "Man From Wareika". Or rather I could have sworn it was from that album twenty years ago, now it seems like it's not. Ether way it's a great track, a couple of other songs there I like a lot. Rico is fantastic and I'm sure you are more familiar with him and his role in reggae/ska/dub than I am, but I thought I'd share what I consider a gem with anyone who may not have heard him play. it's good to have a listen to a trombone take control of the music, doesn't happen very often in my life.
  4. Ebonising might be something to consider. Done properly it gives a jet black finish but still leaves the grain visible. Works best on tannin rich woods like oak.
  5. Good on you for doing what you can to keep playing smaz. I couldn't play properly for a quite a few years due to medical reasons and I missed it a lot. The orthosis on the picture is made of thermoplastic tape. I really know nothing of it (and maybe it's dreadful idea and if it is I am sorry). I have only seen videos of how they are made: The tape is soft when moulded to the finger, cut to the desired shape around the finger with scissors, and hardens when it has cooled and keeps its shape. The unwanted parts looks to be easily cut off with a scissor after this. The tape used on the picture is called Orficast, made by a company called Orfit. (I have no knowledge of this company and there may be better products of this kind). The thinnest tape I saw is 1,8 mm thick, but on the videos I've seen it looks like it is to be folded. Don't know if this is always necessary. There are videos to be found on YouTube showing how the orthosis are made (search for Orfit Industries) The way it's been made on the picture below may be of interest to you I thought, if modified slightly to help support the distal joint better from the outside.
  6. Hello all good people of this community. I've registered here after being a lurker for some time because I want to give my recognition for lack of better a word (applaud/applause might be one but I'm not used to that) the good people who have been subjected to this fraudster. The way this has been handled by every member and the owners and mods has in my view admirable. I want to commend you all for it. Well done. feck. I come across as a dullard of the worst sort. not having that. I'ill be a very exciting lurker obtaining more valuable info on all things bass. I'll be lurking mostly.) I hope this sorts out well for anyone who has been subjected to fraud by Mick Mason. I'd happily chip in for legal fees to help proceedings). What I really wanted to say is: You are clearly a bunch of good people here,
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