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  1. In the unlikely event that I change my mind, I'll let you know!!!
  2. Interesting thread. I've been mulling over getting rid of my old Ashdown ABM 410T and 210T as I never use the 410 as it is just too damn heavy and taking up space. I normally just use the 210 but sometimes with my Barefaced One10 (practice cab) to drop to 4Ohms and drive amp better. We play pubs and clubs so nothing enormous. Thinking of either a Barefaced Twin or GR AT212 as a replacement. Light, 4Ohm and possibly louder. Thoughts?
  3. PM me if you want to discuss any details. The amp is also super-light for a 2x10 combo - much lighter than my ABM210 cab.
  4. Fender Rumble Stage 800 800w 2 x 10" combo. Complete with footswitch. Like new as just replaced with a completely new one under warranty from Fender - still has screen cover. The previous one refused WiFi and Bluetooth for some reason when switched on after lockdown. It was working fine up until then. Fender were excellent in replacing even though it was outside warranty. This one has simply been updated and tested on my Wi-Fi and not registered. Massive flexibility with so many amp models to choose from and effects to tweak. Either from app on phone or amp itself. I'm just not getting the use out of it. More details here: https://www.fender.com/en-US/bass-amplifiers/contemporary-digital/rumble-stage-800/2376100000.html Collection in person from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire preferred as I don't have packaging - I used it to return the old one! Free tea/coffee and you can test it etc.! It could also be collected from my office in Borehamwood if handier. I'm looking £600. The lowest I've seen is £705 from bax. This is spanking new as I said so bag yourself a bargain!
  5. Has anyone experience of a Laney Nexus Tube Head? There's one on eBaY AT £599
  6. I've had mine for almost 20 years without issue. I change the batteries about every other year and it gets played regularly. Never had an issue with it - maybe just lucky?
  7. Interesting - I already have the cabs to match!
  8. I was watching one on eBay recently and seriously considered it.
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. Clearly it sounds like an itch worth scratching. Let's hope for a decent bonus in January as I also have my eye on a Dingwall D-Roc..........
  10. Hiya! I've been playing for about 30 years now on and off in original and covers bands. I like my basses and gear in general. I have an Ashdown ABM500RC (bought new about 20 years ago), through 2x10 and 4x10 plus a Fender Rumble 800 when I want something light. Both sound really good but I have this itch for a valve amp. A good friend pointed me at this forum for some advice. Most of the youTube videos of newish valve amps seem to focus on how gritty and distorted they can get. I'm looking for a fat, fibrous, warm, punchy and sweet tone - not to be another Lemmy. Nothing wrong with Lemmy mind, just not the sound I'm looking for. I mainly play with my MM Stringray or my Fender USA Zone - never really got on with 5 strings. I'm also quite fond of my Kramer which is one hell of a bass for the £200 I paid for it. I prefer roundwound strings but do have flats on my Chowny and basic Yamaha fretless. Mostly play with fingers - crap at slapping. The best live bass sound I've heard in many years was the bassist for Maddie & Tae who was using a Mesa Boogie Strategy. That was sweet. Anyhow - would any of you nice people be able to offer some advice or am I on a quest for the holy grail? Cheers, Deepfat!
  11. If you can find a US Fender Zone - They're pretty light and versatile. Here's a picture of mine. It's significantly lighter than my Stingray.
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