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  1. Having just got hold of a soft flexible tape measure, I took the opportunity to find out exactly how the split pickup location on my 424 relates to that on my P. Measuring the distances from the nut, the bridge-side edges of the pickups are in exactly the same place. However, the halves of the BB's split pickup are 2mm wider than those of the P. This means that on the BB • the mid-point where the two halves meet is 2mm closer to the neck than on the P • the pole pieces of the E+A half are 3mm closer to the neck • the neck-side edge is 4mm closer to the neck Try not to be too fascinated by this news.
  2. Either there's another one of those now listed, or the previous one has returned. But I recall the previous one being maple fb? This one is only 8 lb 2 oz..... [/daydream]
  3. And I like this demo of the 760FL (43-60-82-104) from 1'35 (I like how it skips to two weeks older halfway through!)
  4. The demo of some 23 yr old 760FMs (49-69-89-109) between 5'00" and 6'00" here is really something
  5. He should have carried on playing whatever it was he using on the John Mayall album
  6. I do appreciate that talking 💩 is half the point of this thread but ahahahahahaha
  7. The 760FL ("light") are 43–60–82–104 The 45-65-85-105 set is 760FS ("standard")
  8. Internet says black for 45-105 DTF, so bang goes the idea some LTF had got into the packaging.
  9. I keep wondering if a set of LTF ended up in DTF packaging
  10. Given the long term effects of ibuprofen usage, this is dubious advice.
  11. I find it best not to ask my right hand too many questions as to what it's up to, I only seem to put it off if I get too nosey, but as far as I can make out, the thumb lies gently on the body, muting the E string except when it's in use. I don't know how heretical this is in terms of technique, but I know my right hand feels lovely and relaxed. (How the fingers are going about their work muting the other strings, heaven knows) Random thought: the length of a thumb in proportion to the fingers varies greatly from person to person. Presumably this has a bearing on how comfortable or otherwise a thumb rest is?
  12. Pink Floyd aren't worthy of licking This Corrosion's boots
  13. The OP prompted me to educate myself about NMA's various bassists, when did Stuart Morrow leave etc and that led me to this clip of them on The Tube. A round of applause please for the sound guy, who certainly knew what was what ps if you want to ruin your morning, spend a while poking around online trying to work out Morrow's post-NMA career 😔
  14. When YouTube was first a thing, I took the opportunity to listen to a song that I had liked when I was about 11 for the first time since then. The song was as good as I remembered, but with it came an intense and undiluted insight into 11 yr old Ricky's soul. I was absolutely floored.
  15. I think it would be helpful to thinking of this not to do with jealousy, but inhibition. Having someone from a better outfit on stage occasionally is different from having them there all the time, no matter how nicely behaved they are. No amount of quality bass playing or personal loyalty is worth permanently inhibiting a band's singer.
  16. You know you're playing an Unpopular Opinion thread right when you get personal insults in response
  17. (a) the only good song on Sgt Pepper is For The Benefit Of Mr Kite (b) Paul McCartney making John Lennon play a hundred takes of Ob La Di Ob La Da was a piece of performance art far greater than anything Yoko Ono ever produced (c) no one has sung Helter Skelter better than Noel Gallagher, whose voice circa 2000 was in fantastic nick
  18. Lars Ulrich was under the impression that they had stolen 'Battery' from Dave Mustaine, not realising that he had in fact been playing a 'I've Got A Little List' from The Mikado in order to mock Ulrich's lack of musical knowledge.
  19. Good demonstration of just how much of a gap a good rhythm section can fill
  20. Ah, I knew that well, too, back in the day 😒 Back to the thread's central question: Master Of Puppets is Gilbert & Sullivan carefully dressed up for insecure blowhards
  21. The line "there's such an urgency in everything I need from you" coming with the unprepared key change: this is artistry of the highest level
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