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  1. There are some songs that, when I call them to mind, the rubbish being spouted by the DJ over the intro on my Taped From The Radio recording is part of the memory
  2. When John Entwistle commisioned a bass, did he have one bass delivered? No, he had four made and decided which one was the one. I think this is the level to which we should aspire. Order 4 identical Custom Shop basses, pick the one your hands and ears like best and make a wincingly painful loss on the other three
  3. I had never heard of the bassist that my signature P honours 😬
  4. The vast majority of the G&L options are available on the standard built-to-order "Option Order" instruments, so they're no more expensive than the ready-built ones they supply to retailers. You just have to wait a while: waiting time is creeping up towards six months. Their "Custom Shop" costs quite a bit more, adds a few more exotic options, and allows for proper customisation, eg fitting L-2000 humbuckers onto a Jazz.
  5. I came to conclusion that their customer service communications were all automated computer-generated BS. I tried shopping with them twice, received nothing twice, and got a PayPal refund twice. Heaven knows what trying to return anything would be like.
  6. Someone else added this: "I played it a lot last week. Yea, something is definitely up with the pickguard, and the tone pot does not work. It also has a poorly repaired ding on the lower bout visible from the back. It's definitely had some knocks, but I will tell you that bass plays brilliantly. Every note on the neck rings true and clear, the action is perfect, no weird resonances, and despite the defunct tone pot, it sounds great! I own a new BBP34 and I think this bass plays just as good, if not better."
  7. I've been using that exact thing to calculate whether or not to mark the first anniversary of my joining BC by purchasing a superfluous Supporting Membership.
  8. I felt the need to check I knew how to do a Parallel / Coil split / OMG switch too and now I can see for myself just how easy turning the OMG into a regular series is, ditto the K mod that adds a single coil option.
  9. Nice little rotary switch where the pickup selector is, no? 😁
  10. I was just so embarrassed with myself for not knowing how a pickup selector switch actually works, I had to work it out 😳
  11. Working out how you wire a three pickup selector and a series/parallel switch, on the other hand, took me so 🤐 long, that by the end I wasn't satisfied, just relieved that the mortification at not being able to fathom it out was finally over 🥵
  12. Having listened to far too many L2000 demos, I've decided that on my nonexistent L2000 I only want each pickup available either in series or inner single coil. Just 4 sounds. But I bet the two inners in series would be worthwhile. So 5 sounds. Since I like my daydreams to be realistic, I've just worked out how to wire a 5-way selector to give Bridge in series / Bridge inner / inners in series / Neck inner / Neck in series. Which was very satisfying. Wouldn't know what to do with the other two switches though....
  13. Look at 0'40" for a very, er, fluent bit of neck dive
  14. I know it makes no sense, but the mispositioning of the tone knob on the home-made pg makes me nervous
  15. Online, I bought a multieffects unit from them. It was dead on arrival. Their online customer service moves very slowly, so I returned it in person and zero attempt was made to exchange rather than refund.
  16. It's on sale in the US, and was brought up on TB's BB thread. It looked like an educational moment, so I came in search of education
  17. Searching for that model suggests that the body has been refinished too. The funny angle the pickup is at makes me wonder what is under that terrible pg. The engraved bridge is correct though – which other models had that? An old Reverb ad for this actual instrument: BB800
  18. Is the pg the only thing wrong with this BB800 Another 800, for comparison
  19. Was it Rob Ellis or Steve Vaughan who attempted to leave PJ Harvey during the Rid Of Me tour and discovered that wasn't happening?
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