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  1. Played both methods ( Pick then Fingers ) The fullness of fingers especially with fresh strings is hard to beat More depth and thump to the notes
  2. I’ve found using triangle picks is an easy way for picking stability Normal size picks are great on guitar but on bass I think the larger pick helps alot I use Tortex 0.88 Green picks and being a triangle I use the pointy bit x 3 !! I think many try a pick without adjusting the EQ and it can sound nasty if you don’t tweak the EQ More lows and less mids finds a close finger tone I find and backing off the bass guitar tone too helps Then you can palm mute too and that’s a great sound
  3. There doesn’t appear to be as many offering Nickel Roundwounds compared to nickel plated I know Fender do them as I’ve just put some on my bass.. I like them for now !
  4. Yep pick playing while palm muting is a great sound
  5. I’m probably equal ability fingers or pick and often find it hard choosing which method !
  6. At nearly £50 a set I need to be fairly certain they offer me something I can’t get from Rounds
  7. As a roundwounds user on my PBass using a pick for rock seems to work. There are many say Flatwounds are the way forward … why is that ? They sound dull I’m told ( I can achieve that turning down my tone pot ) and they are very costly in comparison Are there really any advantages to swop and what are they as I’m open to try
  8. I guess there is hardly any difference in the E string from 105 to 100 and A string 85 to 80 Maybe a tweek on truss Rod but I’m hoping nut doesn’t need anything done
  9. Has anyone tried dropping down from 45-105 roundwounds to 45-100 on a PBass ? I also play in Eb tuning so that’s another factor I’m going to try the Fender Nickel Roundwounds Playing rock with a pick if that helps
  10. And your input gain is very low I noticed !
  11. Wow master volume is up way high !!
  12. Two workable settings for my rock sound, PICK setting has SHAPE button OUT FINGERS setting SHAPE button IN Notice the difference in Input Gain !! Main EQ similar but look at the sliders and in particular the 340HZ slider as they are very different Im also running SUB on but very low so it’s only just there for a little extra
  13. Something interesting I’ve learnt is playing at home ( limited volume of course) the loudness you get from pick playing is huge compared to finger style However with the band the difference in volume reduces With an increase in amp input ( for fingers ) I still find the fullness of the sound is hard to beat. I do find having a compressor up front helps too especially taming the low E string and making it more punchy Fresh strings too are a must for me
  14. So I’m starting to see that with the right EQ and very low Sub you do get a good sound Back playing with fingers for the fullness and using my Ampeg Compressor I’m getting some great rock tones
  15. Ok so the Adam Clayton post made interesting reading ! Ive noticed the suggestion in the manual for Rock does indeed have Sub engaged ! Again I tried the suggested settings for rock and they work but I will keep Sub off I think
  16. Yep problem solved ditch the drive and use the compressor on its own Nice sound the Ampeg Opto Comp
  17. If you paid via credit card you are protected Call the credit card company and explain and request a reversal of the payment
  18. Didn’t they go into receivership this year ?? Im sure they went out of business or they closed the stores
  19. Went down this road as a guitarist!! Spent more time tweeking and adjusting than playing and then still didn’t like it. Home to live settings also very different so bear that in mind. On Bass I would question how many actual effects you need and is it worth it compared to good analog pedals Room for both but modellers / digital platforms do take over your life in endless tone chasing !!
  20. Just be aware of possible hassle and cost if you need to return!
  21. I bet the amp sounds great again
  22. Have you watched The Dirt movie !! So funny and perhaps some truth in the story
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