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  1. Regarding 3M dualock be careful how much you put on your pedal !! Velcro is easy to pull apart but dualock is very tough to prise off !! Its true though it’s far more stable than old Velcro and nothing moves !
  2. Yep this ^ Some stick Velcro on the other way but the board can collect far more dirt between pedals compared to the fluff surface Be aware when removing Velcro it’s likely to pull off any pedal labels with it !
  3. I have the new Squire CV 70’s in black as my backup PBass Its a great sounding bass and quality isn’t bad either. Im about to upgrade my pickups to Dimarzio P so I’m hoping it will give me a little bit more grunt
  4. Any bass players on here making a living off gigging ?
  5. My RS66LD strings are about a month old of regular weekly rehearsals and approx an hour per day playing Still got a nice zing to them 👍
  6. Very similar settings .. Just out of interest which pedal do you use instead of the amp drive
  7. Some really good points .. sadly my nearest store PMT Norwich has very little stock to try so it’s either take pot luck and order online or wait !
  8. As mentioned in my earlier post the PF500 is not a loud 500w head compared to others Extra cabs help but it needs some more grunt behind that amp too
  9. I think in some cases it depends how well a bass has been set up ( or not ) to how it feels first play This could mislead folk into thinking a particular bass is not as good as another but the setup makes it appear that way.
  10. I find my one band fills up my available free time balanced with work, family and social time I would love to play in two similar bands one day before I’m way too old to do it ( I’m 61 ) We rehearse once a week as a band jam, social and material try out. I also run the band promotion and gig hunting and arranging diaries etc Around East Anglia there are an ever declining number of venues to play at as most have gone into Solo / Duo / open mic nights to save money The remaining good venues are heavily booked up
  11. How do you find time to be in more than one band ?
  12. I really like my Player Series and know how to setup get the best from it and also how to spot a lemon ( had a few of those over the years that went back ) Its a great working bass I feel and I guess I should be happy it does it’s job very well At rehearsals I’m often using my Classic vibe 70’s and that’s a half decent bass too ( soon to have new Dimarzio P pickups fitted )
  13. I currently use a very nice and well set up Player Series PBass I like it a lot but often wonder if the current American PBass which are at least twice the price would gain anything in sound ? They do look really nice and I’ve come close to buying one recently but stop myself and ask myself do I really need one ? Convince me ?
  14. The band I’m in and most of my past bands play rock, heavy rock and punk etc. That is mostly my favourite kind of music but I do / did like soul music as well in my younger lady chasing days My current and probably last band now plays most of my favourite songs / covers …. I really enjoy the set and find playing live with songs you really like the best outcome of all
  15. Just ordered a set of Dimarzio PBass pickups to try in my Squire CV 70’s PBass They seem to get good reviews for rock
  16. I can confirm this as I have two of them 👍
  17. These are virtually a clean only amp unless you crank the compressor which grinds the tone like a tube amp This is one of the cleaner sounding Orange amps
  18. My VU needle is often way over into the red zone on a low Eb ( we tune to Eb as standard ) but mostly its at 0V value ( the ideal ) You will find that various things on the ABM600 affect the input obviously EQ settings, drive, shape and Compressor
  19. Let us know if you need any tips or questions about settings etc I find the Shape Out button ( instant smiley face EQ ) sounds great at home but in a band it gets a little lost. You can boost the 340hz slider to compensate or … Run Shape Button IN and pull down the 340hz slider a bit I find that is an ideal setting for rock etc my settings below The onboard compressor isn’t great ( drops the output level too much and kills the top end sizzle ) Drive control is the best and sounds really good Using my PBass I run the input level as shown
  20. Yes good point Sadly the PF series has had terrible shutdown issues probably from folk pushing them harder to get more volume Grab a second cab or a better amp
  21. I found the PF500 and PF800 very underpowered compared to the Ashdown RM800 The Ashdown ABM600 will knock you off your feet with authority !
  22. Tone update … band rehearsal showed me that my pick tone just didn’t come close enough to my finger tone to warrant a change Flesh wins over plastic for me !
  23. Yep I do that too on some songs where I don’t need the notes to sustain. Works well on a PBass
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