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  1. I too must admit I use always on the Shape feature and boost the mids At home it can sound boomy but in a larger room or venue it sounds great I’m a believer too 🤟😉
  2. Good to hear this as I was thinking already along these lines
  3. As a guitarist I remember the endless search for different tones and sounds that complimented the sound for certain songs As a bassist I do like the raw amp tone / bass tone etc with onboard grit / warmth Do I need any effects that would give me more scope ? Would a simple Boss or Zoom multi fx suffice ? Do most of you run effects in front of amp ( easier ) compared to fx loop I’m thinking the added sounds would be helpful filling my sound out during guitar solos ( three piece rock band ) Which ever way not looking to spend much over £200 tops Incidently I now have the four way Ashdown footswitch so I can turn on Sub or Drive as required
  4. Doesn’t the Boss unit have a small pin that depresses when you insert Jack ? Maybe in one position this isn’t being depressed?
  5. Yep mine were brass saddles with v notches already factory cut
  6. Why did you cut string slots ? mine came ready to fit with string cuts already done. I thought that was standard
  7. The Yamaha DRX10 speakers are excellent and very light Powerful and high quality
  8. That’s a lovely bass and case too Hope it’s set up how you like it
  9. Another vote for Roqsolid Made my two Ashdown Neo cab covers
  10. Yep and the spare became my main amp ABM600 purchased from a nice chap on here 👍
  11. You could change the pickguard to black like I did on my metallic silver Player Series. I’ve also added a HiMass bridge to it as well Funny thing my new £200 backup bass Yamaha TRBX174 came set up very well just needed better strings and action dropped 1mm and slight truss rod tweak so QC can work
  12. As the OP I can now say for me the answer is YES I should have one / need one. My new Yamaha TRBX174 arrived today with gig bag for £250 It was nicely setup out of the box, maybe a little high. Truss Rod tweeked and action lowered to the same as my Fender PBass and put new strings on it ( stock are not great ) Ready and set now and for approx a 1/3 of the cost of my PBass I have a very usable second bass / backup Sorted 👍
  13. Decided to get a backup / basic bass Ordered a Yamaha TRBX174 in Red and gig bag I will use it at home, practice and take to gigs but play my Fender PBass for gigs in the main Total cost £250 for backup and piece of mind sorted
  14. Ok Fender HiMass Bridge arrived and I fitted it ( very easy ) I can confirm the action is fine and I can get the Fender recommendations in action height which is how I had it before Nice bridge and a big improvement over the stock vintage bridge on the Player Series
  15. Still on the fence about if I should be taking a spare backup bass to gigs ? I really like my PBass and if I got a backup it would be mostly unplayed as I would only buy a cheap bass. So who never takes a backup bass to gigs or practice ?
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