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  1. I find it more annoying that items in the house vibrate when you turn up too loud I think you have little choice playing loud at home or wear headphones if it has that as an option
  2. Through my PF115LF Ampeg cab This is a deep sounding ported cab so my settings may differ to others
  3. I asked Ashdown the question about the VU meter input LEDs Green ( looks yellow ) = good input Red = too much input Yesterday I cranked my input using a PBass passive and the needle went into the red VU meter scale but the red led didn’t appear ? I did discover having a good strong input signal improved the drive tone too, engaging it does lift the volume slightly too and with a very small amount of drive it sounded really good ( I don’t like a lot of drive on bass ) I was originally a lover of the Shape In sound ( smiley face ) and removing a bit of bass so it wasn’t too boomy. However I think that tone would get buried in a band so I experimented with Shape Out and it was dialling down the 240HZ where I got a great full and punchy tone that I liked for rock
  4. Mine is with a PBass and mostly aimed at rock Ideal tone for finger style playing and then back off PBass tone control for pick playing I tend to always run my PBass tone control at around 80% so I can at times increase to 100% for a bit more bite or back it off to around 50% for less clank when using a pick
  5. I was originally running mine with the shape button in and a slight reduction of bass control and the rest flat but .. I tried to get a less deep and more full and punchy sound and found shape button out and EQ set as Bass - 2 o’clock 240HZ - 9 o’clock Mid - 11 o’clock 1.5kHZ - 1 o’clock Treble - 12 o’clock I found this also worked better too when using a very small amount of drive as required on some songs
  6. Who’s been setting their RM so to reduce the 240HZ control ? Ive found that by running it around 9 o clock is a good setting
  7. I too thought was good until the vocals came in ! She is a good singer but didn’t feel it suited the genre that well
  8. I guess if I stick to my £300 tops kind of budget for new I’m limited to the smaller wattage heads which perhaps will spend most of its life unused in preference to using the RM800 for all gigs I will give it some thought and maybe park the idea for now.
  9. Yep I guess the desire is to have a second amp Yes I can use the RM800 for everything even home practice My only other amp is an Ampeg BA110 40w combo which naturally wouldn’t be loud enough!
  10. Thanks guys ... some good suggestions Also some good reasons not to get one ! The other benefit is I can have the small head rig as a backup I think based on my budget it could be a new head 200 to 300w so perhaps the RM300 ?
  11. Thanks guys .. yep I’m trying to keep costs down as it’s more than likely going to be my second choice amp out of the house where I’m more likely to take the RM800 So budget I would say £300 approx or less !
  12. Thanks .. I have the RM800 and it’s great 👍
  13. As long as the 300 head is loud enough into 8ohms I’m happy Prefer new or newish say five years old tops There are loads of 200 / 250 heads such as Elf, TC Bam, Mark Bass Black Edition etc that look ok but I don’t think they would be loud enough into 8 ohms ... Maybe the Ashdown ABM300 or RM300 ??
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