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  1. Would either the CTM100 or V4B head into a 212 cab ( 4ohm ) be loud enough without PA support in a loud rock band for small to medium venues ? Im tempted to add one to my collection
  2. Semiconductor global shortage is affecting production on many things ABM600 on sale on eBay if that helps ( not mine lol )
  3. The solution to this is turning down the input gain a bit 😉
  4. Definitely.. in my younger years I played only EB Stingray basses and thought they were perfect for rock I recall a visit to Ashdown and they had an old PBass laying around to use through their amps and I hated it mostly due to the weak ( in comparison) pickup Returning to bass a few years back I purchased a Fender PBass as I couldn’t afford the EB stingray I’m still tempted to go for the Sterling Ray34 which has a closer neck to a PBass but they are circa £1K new
  5. Great strings but … Im returning to Fender Pure Nickel on both basses as I find them better for my setup Selling two new sets of RS66LD and the hardly used Elixir 45-105 in the for sale section ( and eBay ) Elixir were on my PBass and only been played about 4hrs total !
  6. Rotosound RS66LD 45-105 New packed and sealed price shown is for a single pack but I have two sets if you want both for £32 Postage in U.K. only add £3 Paypal gift or bank transfer also listed on EBay if you prefer
  7. Set of Elixir Nanoweb Stainless bass strings 45-105 Taken off my PBass after only a few weeks as I’ve gone back to pure nickels Price includes postage to U.K. address PayPal Gift or bank They are also listed on EBay but higher price due to fees transfer
  8. Yes that correct Ashdown changed the controls to notched a few years back You could always ask Dave Green for replacement pots ( it’s an easy job )
  9. A pal of mine uses one but in a loud band you ideally need a second cab to get the full 450w ( 280w as it is ) They dont make matching speakers !
  10. Yep on input and output controls Although I actually quite like it !
  11. Popped new strings on and I’m liking the Dimarzio P a lot .. sounds very punchy and articulate
  12. They do seem very low priced but are they any good? Price wasn’t a priority in choosing
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