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  1. Having been a second guitarist in a rock band I found that role somewhat unnecessary and was mostly there for the lead guitarist to show off and solo. When I swopped back to bass ( had been a bassist at the start in an originals rock band ) and joined a band I made sure it was made up of a trio of musicians Drums, Bass and Guitar. Now my role is crucial as it is in many power trios and I love it as we all have a major contribution to the final band sound. Will the audience notice ? I guess not as they will be focusing on the singer and the guitar solos but I will be happy to be part of the finished product.
  2. Many say the HH version isn’t as nice as the H single pickup variant Not sure why perhaps pickup location
  3. I think you can book most couriers such as DPD etc or use Parcel2Go and just put collection address as the place you’ve purchased it from and delivery to yourself The only danger is you need to know the seller will be in to give the parcel to courier You need weight and dimensions too and send the seller a label via email It can be done
  4. Good point .. he needs a full lead sound with some delay and a little boost in volume Sounds counter intuitive but he fills out the sound too and maybe put him through the PA as well ?
  5. Having a sympathetic guitarist helps Everyone should be contributing to the final band sound. It’s not a platform for a lead guitarist to widdle over because he can !! A band is a collective of sounds and learning how you all sound together is often as important to playing the songs right. Ive gigged Sandman many times with one guitarist playing the lead intro, trust me it can be done but you need a full punchy bass tone and not a scooped lost in the mix kind of tone
  6. I’m in a rock band as a power trio musically with female vocals Adding something like the TC Spark Booster pedal helps as mentioned but … My preferred method is make sure you are clearly present playing normally if necessary maybe play a bit louder than normal. When the guitarist plays a solo you should play as normal and carry the rhythm with the drums and with decent gear be a full sound. Standing close to your amp speaker may also give you false levels of sound. Step away and you find you are definitely there. Recording ( phone etc ) will not pick up the bass that well anyway. Good luck
  7. If you could ship to Suffolk I would be very tempted 👍
  8. Has anyone compared the ported compact Ashdown cabs with the sealed Pro Neo cabs ? Naturally they are heavier and slightly wider I think but what about sound
  9. I wonder how many have tried them and thought wow they are no better than uncoated strings ! The loss of product status and revenue is huge Please report this to EBAY to save other folk also being ripped off Basically it’s fraud
  10. I would be relieved if they lasted that long !! I assume they go dull quicker than that ?
  11. I’m not sure however they have higher tension I believe than some. I dropped down to 80/100 instead of 85/105 in the usual 45-105 sets. I also play in Eb tuning so any floppiness would show up, it didn’t they felt great and no change to truss rod needed etc Good price to at circa £18 a pack
  12. Just put Fender 7150ML on my bass and I like them Pure Nickel Roundwounds and I dropped from 45-105 to 45-100 and I like the result
  13. Played both methods ( Pick then Fingers ) The fullness of fingers especially with fresh strings is hard to beat More depth and thump to the notes
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