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  1. Yep for some reason they use different cases. I mentioned it to Ashdown who suggested four stick on rubber feet ! I just bought a sheet of 6mm rubber and it sits on that just fine and it helps reduce cab to head vibration
  2. The RM800 doesn’t sit to well on the cabs with top handle, you will need a rubber mat ideally They have different cases and feet spacing I would imagine the RM500 a good choice with the 210 cab
  3. I agree with all of this … often people forget that in a band your role is to entertain the audience and make it a fun experience. You see many bands who think they are there just to play songs and that’s good enough, it really is much more than this. A good band with a good front person can make a huge difference Something missed off the list and again often neglected is sound Listen to what the whole band sounds like and make it the best sound you can achieve more so than accurately playing the songs !
  4. Yes I’ve just ordered some Dunlop Flex triangle picks but in 1mm
  5. Our guitarist plays through a Fender Twin and gets drive via pedals He plays a Strat with this setup Much better mix with the bass and we seem to compliment each other’s sound nicely Way better than competing against a Marshall stack !
  6. I’ve seen also a collaboration between MP and Ashdown selling a basic ABM600 without the tube I think Thomann did the same with some Toneman version cabs
  7. For anyone using the Little Bass Thing these are my settings from last nights band practice playing with a pick and tone on my PBass backed off slightly Real full and deep sounding tone for my rock band.. Although people say don’t cut mids I think pick playing you really need to pull them back to add some depth and thump 👍
  8. It’s a lot of amp for that money .. Ashdown must of done a volume sales order to MP @ super low pricing If I was a U.K. agent PMT / Andertons/ Guitar Guitar I wouldn’t be too happy as it’s driving pricing down to the bottom
  9. yep I’m liking Ultex better than nylon or Toretex and the triangle 1.14mm is my preferred pick at the moment
  10. I use 1.14mm Ultex and trying the triangle version. No problem with string rattle if you pick sensibly and don’t pick too hard but firmly. Removing mids in the amp EQ is important too to get more thump
  11. It’s the RockBoard Power LT XL and they are about £50.00 new with two 1A ( 1000mA) outputs plus cables etc You can daisy chain several pedals using the supplied leads Andertons have a coloured one in stock but mine is black They last about 8hrs from full charge depending on pedal load etc etc Plus no mains noise either 👍
  12. Mine ( RM800 ) goes click 1 quiet for practice, click 2 loud practice at home, click 3 loud enough for band practice with guitar and drums ( rock ) click 4 very loud band with Marshall stack and hard hitting drummer. Click 5 onwards never needed Note for vol 1,2,3 I was using a single 210 cab, volume 4 both 210 cabs It’s a loud amp but I guess most of its volume is at around 5 and the rest is a small increase. My Orange Little Bass Thing 500w is similar I feel so it’s likely yours is faulty You could always speak to Dave Green at Ashdown U.K. as very helpful
  13. Could you not just power your amp and use a battery pack power supply for your pedalboard? I have one and it’s pretty decent in powering a board up for pedals etc and lasts for many hours on one charge up Forget the Pedaltrain version as that is hopeless !
  14. Regarding the volume with the amp I too just turn down my bass volume if it’s too loud. You can turn the input gain down too. Ive run my RM800 up to volume 4/5 approx but would be interested to know if that’s all you get volume wise. Many amps do appear to be like this so maybe it’s more about what your speakers can put out too ?
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