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  1. On 28/04/2022 at 14:13, gaz66 said:

    Here's my 1973 Fender Jazz. My first proper instrument bought in 1983 and it was mint. It's done every gig I've ever played. The finish cracked badly after I left it in a tour bus overnight in Finland at minus 20.

    It's been re-fretted 3 times and had to have new pickups after the originals died. They are now Lollars. Apart from that it's all original!

    I still have the chrome covers but lost the pick guard and case somewhere along the way.








    Love the pictures and the story of the bass !

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  2. After years of reading how good the Fullerton reissues are, I finally got one.

    And they are indeed very sweet basses. I was initially looking for a 60's P but I think these basses are close in sound.

    The body looks very clean but there is crazing everywhere (see the last picture).

    If anyone is selling a Fullerton Jazz Bass (82-84), hit me up !















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  3. Just found this picture on my hard drive, and thought the bass looked good, so here it is !

    A really simple color layout but with the right piece of tort, it looks sweet.



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  4. Some pics of my Stingray Special. This one is light and perfectly balanced. The roasted maple neck is slightly flamed, love it.

    Currently fitted with DR Hi Beams... sounds so good !










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  5. 10 hours ago, Obra said:


    Which one You prefer, standard or Special Ray and why ?


    I have not been able to compare the basses side by side. The standard was long gone when I bought the Special.


    The Special is 0,5 Kg lighter. Both are good basses, the Special may have an edge on all positions of the switch being good.

  6. @Duarte I have had a Sterling 5 in HS.

    Good bass but the volume drop on the single coil neck pickup (position 5) was not convenient. The HH has all positions with the same output.




    The HH Ray (Standard or Special) is very nice as well, but the Sterling with the series routing adds extra bief to the sound.





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  7. For sale or trade this F Bass BN5 which I use too little in the end.
    Nothing to complain about the bass which is excellent and what you expect an F to sound like.

    Specifications :
    - ash body with natural finish
    - three-piece quartersawn maple neck
    - maple fretboard
    - weight : 9.9 pounds / 4,5 Kg
    - black Hipshot hardware
    - F Bass pickups
    - padded  F Bass Gig bag

    The F Bass preamp is rather complete:
    - volume / volume / tone (like a jazz bass)
    - bass / mid / treble
    - push pull active / passive
    - push pull humbucker / single coil

    The price of £2200 / €2400 is the basis for a trade. It is a bit negotiable for a sale.
    For trades, I'd prefer a 4 string bass and I have a weakness for old basses... but it doesn't cost anything to offer 😉







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