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  1. Hi there. Selling this vintage Yamaha drum machine for a fair pice. No issues, will post. Comes with power supply. Message if you’re interested.
  2. Thank you both, so much.
  3. Any chance of a link?
  4. Hi there. I’m in the process of selling my DB 680 preamp but I’ve been in hospital recently and I need to source the screw in cap for the slo-blo fuse which has somehow gone missing. Can anybody help me find a replacement cap, the fuse is .5 amp, . Any advice would be great. Steve.
  5. Hi there, I have a QSC PLX 3102 Power amp, if that’s any use. Steve.
  6. Herr Frank Itt used these.
  7. That video is super. 😍
  8. Yes are totally beautiful. Jon is our guide. Chris has left, and I am gutted. Chris, Jon, Bill, Tony and peter changed my life.
  9. Hi, Lfalex, it’s the weight that’s the issue. I’m selling both and I’m looking for a single unit amp. Booth come in at just over 40lbs. Make no mistake, together, at 4 ohmns, it’s 3100 clean watts, going into either the Tech Soundsystems 6x10”, or the Glock cab.
  10. Hello, for sale is the legendary DB680. Mint condition, including foot switch. Includes postage.
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