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  1. Thanks, that's a very helpful overview.
  2. I'm finally getting closer to being able to buy an NS EUB, but I'm very confused about which ones do what. I've been listening to loads of videos of people playing, and (as a newcomer to bass) I can't tell what's the instrument and what's the string choice when it comes to sound. i want access to the jazz upright wownngg (I'm sure there's a technical term for the particular tone jazz upright bass has that you don't really get on a fretless electric bass). I also plan to play Bach on it :). so how much of a difference is there in tone between the cheapest and most expensive NS models, and what are the best strings to choose for more traditional bebop-style jazz? They range from £900 to £4,300 and I could probably afford somewhere in the middle of that, and I have no clue. I can't travel to try them out, as I'm disabled and we're in a plague at the moment. there are specific reasons (to do with my mutant anatomy) why this instrument will suit me better than any of the other main EUB models out there, incidentally, before we go into "why not Stagg" etc i do have a little double bass experience - I got a Stentor bass a few years ago but my mutant arm couldn't cope with the big belly and broadness of the traditional instrument (my hands can do the work, just my arms couldn't keep them in the right place). so my question probably boils down to: What really are the differences between CR/CRM/CRT models, and why would you choose them over, say, the NXT or the WAV models, for sound? what are the best strings for a good jazz twang-slap sound and sustain?
  3. Hi! I'm 57 and finally getting the money together to get an NS EUB (unsure which model yet, depends on funds). I've not played bass before - I did have a couple of lessons on an upright bass many years ago, but I'm missing some muscles on my right side and couldn't manage the reaching across the bass body with my right arm (it was a lovely Stentor). Anyway, I've been a wheelchair user for the last year, and I'm confident the NS uprights will work fine for me sat in my wheelchair (with spike, not stand). I live in Devon, I've posted in the EUB forum about looking for an NS EUB to hire so I can make sure my weird right hand can cope before I splash out on buying a bass. my main target genre is jazz, so I'll be aiming for an NS that sounds sufficiently "wooden". I'm also a singer and percussionist - cajón was made for people like me :).
  4. Hi, new here. Does anyone know where I can hire an NS EUB in the UK for a month? I finally have the funds to get one of these, but I've not played upright bass before and need to make sure my mutant right hand is up to the job before I splash out a couple of grand or so. I'm going for this because I've recently become a wheelchair user, and I'm confident I can still play this sat in my chair (I'll be using a spike, not a stand). I tried a traditional upright bass some years ago, but I'm missing some muscles in my right side and couldn't manage the, erm, reacharound. (no idea why this has grey background!)
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