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  1. Vox StompLab IIB Bass Guitar Multi-Effects with Expression Pedal is it worth the money?
  2. Albs

    Jet Harris

    Personally i think he's very underrated
  3. I am wondering what peoples thoughts are about The Shadows original bass player Jet Harris
  4. Albs


    Many thanks for all your suggestions on this topic they have proved to be most helpful i ended up purchasing https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Pro-Bass-Guitar-Gig-Bag-by-Gear4music/P17 which was suggested by Cat Burrito my deepest thanks to you
  5. Albs


    Thanks for letting me join I have a query about gig bags I own a fender player Jag bass with a 34 inch neck will it fit in a Fender FB1225 Electric Bass Gig Bag if not which gig bag will it fit in? Many thanks
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