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  1. Hi … I’ve a beautiful USA fender flea silver bass, with upgraded Aguilar pickup … mint like new condition … with mint case and candy …. is marketed as a p bass but with humbucker ….. I would be interested in a trade deal if you are?!? … cheers jay
  2. Jayboy


    Will someone please please buy this...... I’m sick of trying to justify to myself why I shouldn’t make the leap!!! ..... the only thing I got is I could well be homeless if this turns up at my door and I don’t get there before the Mrs!!!!
  3. No it’s still for sale .... although I’m not trying to hard to sell it 😉..
  4. Nice amp this .... really interested in purchasing it, just struggling with the collection aspect.... I’m based in Nottingham ... any room for negotiation?? ... text jay 07970383481 ... cheers
  5. Wow lovely bass .... I’ve the hardcore relic tt4 and vm4 ... both amazing instruments.... someone needs to snap this up. Glwts 👍
  6. Thanks for the replies guys 👍 .... hmmm many a time I’ve seriously thought about part chopping the wife for a 22yr old younger model Dan .....🤔.... These basses are a mk2 of the fender flea jazz bass, the first one was the relic pink shell mim bass with vintage pots (I think) fantastic bass and a hard act to follow by all accounts but to be fair they managed it with this USA version ... like mattyfunk13 said it is a great bass 👍
  7. Totally true......, yeah either one of the cabs will do most gigs ...I use the other to pull more juice from the head and bass punch irritating band mates!! 👍
  8. Hi Funkle and Thestick, thanks for the enquiry, ideally I’d like to sell as full rig..... I’ll maybe consider splitting if it doesn’t get any bites after a week on the market. ..... message me next week if that’s any good to you guys!?! 👍
  9. Thanks Big Rob, yeah not best of times at mo mate, hopefully some light at end of the tunnel!!
  10. Hey ...., up for sale is my flea signature bass in Silver and as far as I can tell totally unmarked. Im selling it because........ my missus is making me!! 😞... plain and simple!!! .... she’s a bully and makes my life hell if I don’t relent!! ... apparently you CAN have “to many basses”.... I work hard, pay the bills, put food on the table, my daughter wants for nothing , the wife kicks about in a nice big house ... yet I can’t have 6 basses!! 😡.... If I’m being brutally honest I’m also frit to death of marking it when I’m playing it!! .... I won’t gig it because of cymbal happy drummers, and at home I can’t bust my moves without fear of knocking a vase, flower arrangement or some god forsaken eyesore ornament from its waste of space place of worship!! ... so it sits and gets looked at ...... dusted.... and looked at some more!! .... complete waste... I’m a little ocd with my gear, it either has to be pristine or completely relic.... so if I marked it I’d have to break out the sandpaper and beat it with a stick!! ... nobody wants to see that!! ..... mods are Aguilar pick up so the curtains match the drapes (if you get my meaning) 😉.... does the slap thing (obviously) gets a nice Jazz sound out of it and also some serious earth rumbling bass tones..... check out the specs on line... rrp £1595-£1800 depending where you shop so great saving.... comes with original case (excellent condition) case candy, truss rod etc, leather strap and fender strap locks. ..... I’m not a pound behind Beckham but I’m also not whoring my gear for change so I’m firm on price ... if it doesn’t sell she can’t say I didn’t try so win win 👍 Mid life COVID selling crisis so get it while I’ve lost my brain!! .... any questions get in touch
  11. Hey.... up for sale is my bass rig, ninja 122 and 112 cabs and Marcus Miller 800 head, all covers and gig bag ... 800w cabs 800w head, loads of power and excellent sounding kit. Why am I selling it? .... because I’m an idiot!! ... yep one of them guys who’s totally lost his head in this crazy pandemic, can’t gig, can’t go out, can’t go on holiday but to break the boredom and search for change in the only way possible...... selling stuff I really should keep!! ... All in mint condition and working order .... specs are on the net but and questions ... send me a message 👍
  12. 😂great ad ..... beaut bass .... Would love this but nobody including myself would appreciate the aesthetic look of tippex lines on the neck which I would need to play it 🙈 😣
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