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  1. There are three guys who post a fair bit on the Fretboard - lamf68, rexter and SCRelics. I haven't personally used any of them yet but they get consistently rave reviews. lamf68 - https://www.facebook.com/rendallsrestorations?fref=ts rexter - https://rexterguitars.co.uk/ SCRelics - https://screlics.co.uk/ I don't know if they count as cost effective but you will get a quality finish.
  2. Aaah. Got it. Nice. I'm using part of my birth date for mine. Good to make it personal.
  3. That is lovely. Elegant, clever, and says it it needs to in the most minimal way.
  4. I really like that. I don't get the references but aesthetically it comes across as stylised industrial, functionality as design, if that makes any sense? It's not something I've seen on guitars before, which always appeals, and it makes me think of the philosophy behind the logo on Nash guitars and the design of Free the Tone pedals without being in any way derivative of them. Apologies for probably overthinking it massively 😁 but I'm currently obsessing over logo idea for some partscasters that are nearing completion (if the clear coat ever dries! 😱) and, well, lockdown.
  5. Wow, that's quality work. Not particularly to my taste in those instances, but that's not the issue. Really good stuff.
  6. Black passive Thunder I was the first bass I ever played. I've always considered them to be really solid basses with a nice thud and a lovely warm Ready-Brek glow of nostalgia.
  7. Just sold some stuff to Greg and it was a pleasure. Prompt payment. A positive and helpful chap - he even set up a feedback thread for me. Much appreciated, Mike
  8. Check out Alegree https://www.alegree.co.uk/ He's very active on the fretboard forum and his pickups are held in high esteem over there. I've got a Texan Dustdevil tele bridge and a Sea Smoke P90 neck in my Fano type build and they are truly excellent. Great clarity and definition, tons of bite but never shrill, lovely flutey warmth from the P90. His best pickups are his handwound custom shop ones which are pretty reasonable, but he also does a more budget 'Old Time' range that are wound elsewhere to his exacting specs. The PAF replicas, in particular, are getting rave reviews on the fretboard although I haven't tried them myself. Well worth a look.
  9. I'll add to the chorus - definitely report. I can't stand that kind of behaviour on ebay. It's happened to me a few times and I've always reported it.
  10. BOTH SOLD Now with free shipping. Scratchplate free with the bridge if you want it Happy to consider any interesting trades for 6 string (non bass) stuff. Payment by PPG if that's okay with everyone. Also listed on The Fretboard Forum (and I've been around a lot longer on there in case I seem a bit new) Hipshot 4 String B Style Bass Bridge - £40 now £30 Satin Finish 19mm string spacing 4 mounting holes UPC: 00840000916983 SKU: 5B400BC-750 https://hipshotproducts.com/products/4-string-b-style-bass-bridge Bought second-hand but not installed as it’s not a direct retrofit for a Jazz bass. Oops! Looks in excellent nick and is a quality chunky thing. ----- Venom Jazz Bass scratch plate - £10 posted or free with the bridge White Pearloid Very lightly aged - yellowed at the edges and around the screw holes Cheers folks
  11. Thanks to everyone for the sage advice. Special thanks to @Reggaebass for pointing out the Squier. Just got it.
  12. That looks like an excellent result. Kudos. Those Jinwan necks looks really nice. I am very tempted. Presumably the extra import costs would keep the whole thing sub £100 and if it arrived and proved fatally flawed then I'd be protected by ebay. However, knowing that others rate them highly reassures me about the quality.
  13. Good spot. I'll keep an eye on that. Cheers I'd be happy to have a go at finishing a neck myself. Be quite the learning curve, especially shaping the headstock (I'm thinking Starcaster 😱 or something like a Vox Teardrop). But I've no access to a router or any serious tools. I read a thread about someone shaping a telecaster headstock by drilling holes along a template, then jigsawing it out, before finishing it off with rasps and sandpaper. It looked excellent. It'd be good to know what kind of quality those HB kits are. I think they sell necks on their own too.
  14. This is all tempting me towards the maple neck. Hmmmm. Food for thought.
  15. Well, Northwest couldn't tell me when or even if they will have any rosewood JB necks with 38mm nuts. So if I went with them it would have to be either a maple fretboard, or rosewood, with blocks and binding and a 42mm nut, at just shy of £160. That may well rule them out for the time being.
  16. Thanks folks. I am drawn to Northwest to be honest. they seem less of a gamble than some of the sellers on ebay. I've dropped them an email to see if/when they are re-stocking the rosewood board necks. There are a few possibilities on ebay, but once you rule out square heels, 42mm nuts, US import costs and the lottery of buying from China, the choices thin a bit.
  17. Hi folks I'm familiar with Northwest guitars but I'd ideally prefer sub £100 and headstock truss access. The fret dressing they do does appeal though. Also familiar with earlpilanz on ebay but he isn't getting any in stock for the forseeable future. Any other reliable suggestions, personal recommendations? I've also put an ad in items wanted on here and the Fretboard. Thanks
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. Hi folks I'm a guitarist and a bit (but not much) of a bass player, with a fair bit of gigging and recording experience. Just write and record at home these days, and solely for my own amusement. I'm a compulsive partscaster bolter-togetherer and I'm currently halfway through a jazz bass. I have joined to mine your collective wisdom. Thanks, Mike
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