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  1. I’d say it is factory setup. Both my BB235 and 735A have bevelled fb edges, both were bought new.
  2. Quite happy with my Metro 16 at the moment. But I need a flanger and a chorus, and one more fuzz (maybe two more). And a Metro 20.
  3. It is not early Taiwanese. Mine was an ’83 and it had the volume knob closer to strings, just like the Japanese BB300 models did.
  4. It should be possible. At least, there was no wax on mine, the cover was quite easily removed. Didn’t realize there would be a problem with the sharp polepieces while I had the PU apart. I might not try to force them into the pickup - the polepieces are rusty and may not move - but instead cut some cardboard slices into proper shape to fit inside the cover, punch holes for the polepieces and call it a day.
  5. Some issues remain: J PU poles are not flush with the cover, they feel so sharp it would be easy to split fingernails by hitting them, and the routing still looks hideous. I have no woodwork experience, but I guess the only way to clean it up would be completely re-routing the cavity, to fit a larger PU, like the soapbar-styled J like the one from BB1000S (or the older Yamaha SB Series basses). Anybody have one to sell? Or even if not the pickup, just the soapbar cover would do!
  6. Before & after rewiring, both PUs installed, final result. I must repeat that I’m deeply grateful to @jezzaboy without whom this little restoration project would not have been possible, as he provided me with most of the impossible to find parts. Thank you!
  7. The Schallers had a different mounting pattern from the original tuners, so extra holes and imprints were left visible in the back of the headstock. Oh well. Just admire the impressive woodwork here, at the J pickup cavity. The P rewired and reversed, ready for assembly, and some stuff waiting for the next step.
  8. My BB1200S is almost restored, for now. Some history: I found it in about a year ago in quite sad state: Original pickup missing and replaced with an EMG PJ set (with quite an ugly route for bridge PU, plus the original neck PU frame destroyed), volume and tone pots changed to 25K dual volumes (correct for active EMGs), knobs replaced with ill-fitting chickenheads, machine heads replaced with Schallers (very good quality but not as pretty as originals), scratched and dented all over. Oh, and a large poo brown wooden thumbrest was installed, had to remove it even before taking pictures, two screw holes remain. But what matters is it played beautifully and sounded acceptable. The EMG P was quite good but the soloed J and both PUs together did not do much. I even considered removing the J, getting the PU route filled and having (maybe the whole bass) refinished. Glad I didn’t. In late August I received a pagkage containing a set of original BB tuners, PJ pickup set off a MIJ BB1100S plus some other Yamaha hardware. Thanks a lot @jezzaboy! Still missing the reverse P pickup frame, I had to find a way to make a replacement. A friend helped with drawing and laser-cutting it, and it took lots of filing, sanding, buffing and polishing to make it look like a 40-year old piece of plastic, but finally I’m quite satisfied with the result. The P needed to be reversed (BB1100S being non-reversed), so some rewiring was to be done. That also meant new pots, 250K LOG for volume, 250K MN for blend. And two new original knobs - surprisingly, Yamaha still sells those as spares! Not cheap, not easy to get (it took 4 months for the order to arrive at my local Yamaha distributor. Finally, last saturday, I had everything I needed at hand. Some pics to show where I was at the beginning. More to come.
  9. ... for some reason, my 235 wanted to visit this page.
  10. I have a question to all you BB735A / BB734A / BBPH owners and former owners, about the feel of your center-detented Balancer and EQ pots. On my 735A those pots have very stiff feel, almost so that the center detents often go unnoticed while adjusting. I don’t like this at all, and would like to know if mine are faulty or is it a ”feature”. So, what about your pots? Stiff or not? Please tell me!
  11. Yes, my friend, it is all your fault. 😄 Does it ease your pain at all that one of the 1200S’s has a hideous routing for a bridge J pickup, and an EMG P/J set, missing its original P pickup? If anybody has a spare BB1000S bridge pickup lying around, even non-functional, or just the pickup cover, I’m very, very interested. I could make the routing even bigger and even uglier. Drunk at 3 am, with a blunt rusty knife and a hammer, in a dark shed...
  12. I wrote a longish BB235 review in this thread a while back, also made some comparative comments on both. At the moment I enjoy the 235 more. I practise on it, it is the instrument I’m most likely to grab when I start writing a song, or just feel like playing something. The 735A gets playd at band rehearsals only, it fits the band in question (loud stoner/doom type thing) quite nicely. 235 sounds great played clean, or with some modulation fx, or a bit of dirt. Its electronics have a bit more hiss than the 735A’s but that is probably the only real fault I’ve found. 735A likes dirt and behaves well at loud volumes, with octave, fuzz, distortion pedals into Darkglass MT900, but sounds a bit... neutral, almost boring, when clean. It could be the preamp, or the pickups - or the strings: it’s had the same Rotosound Flats set on from day one, and I’ve just started thinking they might not be the ideal strings for it. I’ve used and loved them on both my BB1200S’s (and I very much wished the 735A would turn out to be the 5-string 1200S, which it clearly is not), but they don’t seem to fit here. Now, I’ve been waiting for my order of Ernie Ball Cobalt Flat single B-strings since october and when they arrive, I’ll be able to reach the final verdict. I hope. Love those strings on every 4-stringer I’ve tried (passive, active, fretless, fretted), going to set up both 5ers with them and see what happens. Guess I didn’t really answer your question here, did I?
  13. Finally, my whole BB family together. L-R: 235, 300, 1200S, 1200S, 400S, 735A. Terrible pic quality, lightning conditions far from ideal.
  14. It’s still not the complete family photo - my BB235 and the other BB1200S stayed at home. Possibly some day next week I’ll have them all at my studio at the same time. The new (to me) BB400S is nice, I’ve played it several hours per day since I got it this tuesday. Like the sound, weight and playability, but the quality of both the DIY de-fret job and the nut is such that it is going to a luthier as soon as possible. Bumpy and buzzy fret(less)board, badly made replacement nut. And the finish... well, it is the original early 80’s dark brown, in very good condition. It does look organic. Like sh...
  15. Firmware update v1.4 available. Just a bug fix, no new features or effects, it seems. https://zoomcorp.com/en/gb/news/g11_update/
  16. Exactly. I’m fine with DIY - if somebody else does it. Never really played a fretless (only tried briefly), might not even like the feel. And it seems to be very hard to find any fretless basses for sale locally (not to mention any BBs). If there’s no other option, I might consider getting, say, a BB234 defretted, if I could find one in the first place!
  17. Not comfortable doing that. Electronics I can cope with, but any kind of woodwork, nope.
  18. My BB obsession is getting worse. Now I need/want a fretless one. What models are there? I know of BB400S, BB350F and BB614F (and BB404F, but that one has a different body style). There seem to be some converted BB300 fretlesses, and I once played a converted BB1200S. If there was a fretless BB234 available, I wouln’t hesitate. But sadly there is no such thing. So, what options do I have? And who wants to sell me one?
  19. For a while I thought this had become the official BBPH thread. Tried my best to fit in. By the way, did I mention I like the 235 a lot?
  20. Not much talk about this. Anybody here has one? I just found a slightly used G11 at a price I couldn’t resist. What helped me make the decision, apart from the price, was the fact it already has some bass effects, and I think it is reasonable to expect Zoom will continue offering updates, considering they’ve been doing so for a few generations of multi-fx. With the new G6 coming, things may get interesting. The G11 bass-specific fx are: - BassGEQ - Bass DRV - Dark Pre - AMPG SVT - AG 750 - SVT8x10 - AG4x10TW So, not a lot of them. Still, many Filter, Drive, Modulation and Pedal FX have Mix, Bal, DryMix or Blend parameters, which make those effects potentially useful for bass. I also have a B3n and G3n (plus MS-100BT, MS-70CDR, MS-50G) to make comparisons. I could post some of my findings if there is any interest, after having some time to actually play the thing.
  21. Lots of parallels here, compared to my experience with my two BB1200Ss and a BB735A. Not the same as the BBPH (a 5-stringer with non-reverse P), but close. They have somewhat similar top end sparkle, yes. Differences in low end, except 1200S has it tight and focused, but 735A feels somewhat phasey and scooped, possibly lacking something in the low mids (hard to pin it down exactly, just a feel). Could it be the difference between reverse and non-reverse P, and/or the pre-amp? I’m not sure. Different, absolutely. And I completely agree the 1200S is a ”tank” (or Imperial Starcruiser) to the light-weight 735A. There is nothing wrong with its build quality but it still feels much less substantial (and actually weights less than the 1200S). I also agree the knobs are not ideal (very heavy, unmarked and... uh, pretty ugly), neither are the pots themselves: they feel very stiff to turn, and the center detents feel very subtle, there is almost no positive click. And those inlays really are ugly, they look like cheap nicotine-stained plastic. Still, it is a good bass, it fits the band I play it in, I like it more and more after each band practise... ... but finally, getting even more off-topic but... I - still - kind of enjoy my BB235 more!
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