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  1. Bought a pair of (non-bass related) walking boots off Alan - smooth easy deal and great communications; as posts above show, he’s a true Basschat legend.  Thanks mate! :i-m_so_happy:

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  2. 49 minutes ago, Nail Soup said:

    I saw a show about Top of the Pops last night,  and it featured the Ramones .... and they were inevitably 'performing' "Baby I Love You".

    Not written by them and not having their trademark sound, it always bugged me that when I mentioned the Ramones to people (even people who I thought would know better) they would reference Baby I Love You.


    So what artist can you nominate who is best known (by the general public) for a (or the ) song which does not represent what they do.

    Already moaned about this in the “Song title association” thread, but I had a ticket to see the Ramones play live in Liverpool (1980?) - had always wanted to see them live - and they cancelled just beforehand to mime “Baby I love you on TOTOP instead.......grrrrrr :sad:

    Re OP -

    • Greg Lake (most people only know for his Christmas hit single)
    • Slade - known for their chart singles, but like The Sweet actually a really heavy band live
    • Landscape - a funky jazz fusion band in the early “80’s, but only known for the synth pop “Einstein a go-go”


  3. 25 minutes ago, SteveXFR said:

    Have you ever tried down tuning that mandolin, putting on a ton of gain and smashing out some heavy riffs? 

    We tried it with an electric violin left in a practice room and to be honest, it sounded terrible. 

    No, but I did try it through the sub-octave thingy in my Ashdown bass amp to see if I could make it sound like a bass, and it sounded.......terrible o.O

    However, it’s really really nice with a touch of chorus and/or reverb.

  4. Re oak as a “tonewood”,  a couple of pics of my custom electric mandolin which is made entirely from oak, including the neck (with a strengthening aluminium central spine instead of a truss truss).   Heavy, but then - it’s only a mandolin!   You’ll recognise the pickups, and brass knobs have been temporarily nicked to go one of my basses......



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