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  1. Looks like they were going for a Stingray vibe with that one, though it’s from 1980 the Magnum was pretty much extinct by then - shame, as they were lovely basses with design features ahead of their time.  

    As far as I’m aware the 1 - 4 models actually had glued in set necks too, they just also had a “belt and braces” bolted neck plate.


  2. I remember reading an NME (or possibly Sounds) review of a Magazine gig circa 1980 that I went to, which included: “....It was great that Barry Adamson’s bass was turned up high in the mix, as it really got the crowd dancing....”


    Those who feel the music will always notice the bass.  

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  3. 1 hour ago, AndyTravis said:

    German Carve; pronounced step (concave) carve on the edge of an instrument…a la Rickenbacker/Fano/Ibanez Artist and Kramer 650b









    I’ve heard it termed a “German rim”, but I really wouldn’t reccomend Googling that......🤔

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  4. Really lovely and unique basses; these were in top-end boutique territory back in the day - I love mine (got a fretless 450B too).    The fact that this still has the rather fragile walnut pickup rings proves it’s been well looked after.   


    Heres one in action with a certain Mr Geldof:


  5. Ah, the only bass out of hundreds owned that I ever bought brand new - also a ‘79, from Hessey’s in Liverpool.  Stonkingly good golden-era Ibanez bass - though I’d personally compare it closer to Alembic in terms of tone / playing ergonomics rather than Wal.  As mentioned above, Mr Swift is a big fan of them.

    Bump for a top Basschatter 👍

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  6. Lovely, and fabulously versatile basses (I have an ‘01 one) - technically a Streamer Jazzman though, as the FNA has the Corvette body shape?

    Bump and GLWTS 🙂


    Edit: meant to say a really keen price too for a German Warwick, and IMHO one of their best designs

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  7. 2 hours ago, Happy Jack said:


    Coming soon, the actual microphone used on TOTP by that guy from the Sex Pistols, you know, the one who sang, what was his name again? Anyway, a snip at £5000 and still covered with gob too.


    Life is always stranger than fiction- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174703466110?hash=item28ad23567e:g:2EYAAOSwz5pgW187

    (Not Johnny’s, but allegedly Betsy B!itch’s, 1980’s hair metal queen.  Although more likely “autographed” by her roadie....)

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  8. Nice, but I’d want some solid provenance if paying that much.  The fleur-de-lys fretboard inlays are pretty distinctive - found the attached pic with a quick search, but all you can really make out is that the inlays aren’t the standard dots.

    Top band - saw them around 1980 (I think he was playing his Stingray then)


  9. Bought a pair of (non-bass related) walking boots off Alan - smooth easy deal and great communications; as posts above show, he’s a true Basschat legend.  Thanks mate! :i-m_so_happy:

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  10. 49 minutes ago, Nail Soup said:

    I saw a show about Top of the Pops last night,  and it featured the Ramones .... and they were inevitably 'performing' "Baby I Love You".

    Not written by them and not having their trademark sound, it always bugged me that when I mentioned the Ramones to people (even people who I thought would know better) they would reference Baby I Love You.


    So what artist can you nominate who is best known (by the general public) for a (or the ) song which does not represent what they do.

    Already moaned about this in the “Song title association” thread, but I had a ticket to see the Ramones play live in Liverpool (1980?) - had always wanted to see them live - and they cancelled just beforehand to mime “Baby I love you on TOTOP instead.......grrrrrr :sad:

    Re OP -

    • Greg Lake (most people only know for his Christmas hit single)
    • Slade - known for their chart singles, but like The Sweet actually a really heavy band live
    • Landscape - a funky jazz fusion band in the early “80’s, but only known for the synth pop “Einstein a go-go”


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