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  1. Oh man!!! I am Italian!!! and I struggle a lot with this word... In italian is PRATICA, and it would be easier saying practice then...but I always write practise. So sorry. BTW, i sent the Ashdown back and i took a Traveller 102P . Much clear sound, with a twitter. littel difference of price but I think I did the best thing. Thank you all of you for the suggestions!!!!
  2. Thank you guys for all your opinion. At the end , today I have bought the MarkBass 250 and the ashdown cab. Nothing to say, it sounds great. Only problem, is that I have connect the mixer to the Markbass and send all the soundtracks, or metronome, or loop station to the cab...but as I do not have twetter, it sound dark... There is something you could suggest? as an external twitter ? thjank you
  3. Hi guys! yesterday I have been in a shop for trying some combinations and I need your opinion. I play bass at home, Fender Jazz AMerican Standard, sometimes doing some recordings for friends, but not gigs at moment. Who knows if in the future, but it is not my plane. In the last years, I have been playing my bass directly throught my Mixer and then in a Speaker. I was happy honestly: sound clear and warm. Now, my speaker has died and I decided to upload to a proper ampli. My main necessity is : space. No more that 40cm x 30 x 30. I have tryied some Fender Rumbler, 15 and 25 and I did not like them at all. I tryied a gallien krueger MB 150 but too expensive even though the sound was great and little as I wanted. I tryed a Markbass CMP101 and It was great. Much better then the 801 or 802. I saw the price and I realized that it is almost the same price of buying an head and a cabinet. Now my question for you is : is it better spending 400£ in a 60W ampli ( the CMP 101) or spending around £450 and buying a Little Mark 250 plus ashdown 10 inches cabinet? ( the only that the space allows me) I feel confused, because almost at the same price I could have 150 W ( 8ohm), but I am scared that I may have to much sound at my home. Waht do you think? Thank you so much in advance for all your opinion and suggestions, I am opened to any good idea.
  4. Thanks a lot Jus. Everything is absolutely clear, and actually I understood the main point. So, I will stay as I am, because everything sounds ok to me. Thanks you all guys, really helpfull!
  5. Thank you, you got excactly the point. I do not have a lot of experience with bass and ampli. I am a professional pianist but I like to explore other music and sounds with the bass. and I am really happy with the sound coming from " Thomann The Box" and my Mackie. And when I change genre, let s say slap, I change the EQ and I am pretty happy with it. So, techically, no problem. I was wondering if with a head I may improve the quality of the sound. so, you may invest more in a better speaker then?
  6. Thanks. My speaker is active: the box MA8/2 CL Power: 70 W Equipped with: 8" speaker and tweeter Frequency range: 80 Hz - 20 kHz I got some Byer Dynamics, and I got a VOX small amp ( the ones that go directly to the jack entrance) Iwanted to save my ears, this the only reason
  7. Hi guys, I need your support. I play bass at home, just for fun, doing some recording through my sound unit. No gigs at all for now. So, I practise connecting my bass to a mixer that exit to a speaker. Now, my doubt at this point is , " Buying or not a bass head? "and connect this to a channel of my mixer and then to the speaker? Or directly to the speaker through the DI exit of the Head ? The audio unit it would be a TC Electronic BQ 250. The question is: would my sound be better? Actually, I do not have complain at moment,my sound looks decent to me. My mixer has 1 channel for instruments ( guitar or bass). Please let me know your opinion. Tahnk you in advance. Mixer Macke Pro 12fx Bass Fender Jazz American Standard 2000 Speaker the Box from Thomann brend. Thanks in advance
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