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  1. Wow thank you ALL for the great feedback!! I've been a guitar player for a long time and switched to Bass last week at the request of a group who saw me play. In all the years of being in Guitar forum groups never have I received so much help and encouragement. Thank you! Phil
  2. Hello I was looking for the BASS tabs for Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon song. i have found two that were not correct and although I'm trying to pick up by ear and watching several videos I am still struggling. As a new bass player I am just trying to make sure I am right. Thanks for info you can send in advance!! Phil
  3. Thank you P would be great if I had time to wait for delivery to US. Thanks for the reply
  4. Thank you S! I did find this Goddard video yesterday and it was helpful to a point. The band auditioning me follows me on Facebook and suddenly sprang this audition on me with some pretty obscure songs. They were like man we love your guitar playing so would you consider switching to bass and auditioning in 7 days. Needless to say panic mode!! Again S appreciate the assist!! Peace brother.
  5. Just got a last minute audition and desperately seeking the Bass Tabs for Homesick by Atlanta Rhythm Section or Travis Tritt. I have searched everywhere and can not locate them. I've been a guitar player and vocalist for 10 years and this opportunity presented itself out of the blue for the chance to play Bass. Thank you in advance for any help! Phil
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