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  1. I recently bought this: https://www.amazon.de/Omars-Powerbank-Tragbares-Ladegerät-Steckdose/dp/B07MZN8TFL/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=ac+power+bank&qid=1555623029&s=gateway&sr=8-5 for my guitarist who does busking with a 50W Roland Cube and he's very happy with it.
  2. Well, nowadays there are nice power banks that output 220-240V AC at around 80GBP or so and it could be used for other stuff as well... or a 19V DC power bank (for laptops) with the appropriate plug.
  3. From what I understand, those specs are to be taken with a grain of salt to some extent. I've read that it's usually not exactly half the power at twice the resistance. It could be like [email protected] ohm and [email protected] ohm, and the manufacturer will say 700/350 for simplicity (Bergantino already having 8 ohm cabs rated at 350W when the B|Amp was released could also have something to do with it - just guessing). Then there is the amount of distortion the manufacturers feel OK with. For example, the B|Amp, WD800 and your DG M900 all have the same ICE power amp. IIRC, Bergantino publishes power ratings with 1% distortion, whereas Darkglass allows 20% distortion or something like that. So the same power module can give more watts, but not at the same quality after some point.
  4. It does give an 8 ohm power rating, and it is indeed 350W (just check out the product page https://bergantino.com/product/bamp/ ). BTW you can also choose the Q on the parametric EQ for each band among narrow/medium/wide. I know it can seem a little intimidating, but the cool thing is that you can basically ignore the menus and use it like a "plain" amp. But I love the extra options and it also has a very good parallel compressor. And the overdrive/distortion/fuzz are getting better and better with each update! I have mine paired with an Audiokinesis TC212 and couldn't be happier. The only amp that put me to thoughts is the new Forte HP, but I'll wait to see if they make a B|Amp HP as well, I'm spoiled by all the options the B|Amp offers. If [email protected] seems low, just go with the Forte HP. I'm sure the WD800 is an amazing amp as well though (but, same power section as the B|Amp AFAIK).
  5. Forgot to answer about power handing, it's rated at 500W but all three cabs you're looking at are supposed to use the Eminence 3012LF or similar, so they should be similar in power handling practically, mostly a matter of what each brand feels it's safe to recommend.
  6. It did go a little over $1000 IIRC, including shipping to Greece. The UFT is Duke's latest design, with a second tweeter facing upwards (best tweeter I've heard btw), you could get his standard TC112 for less (not to mention find it used on TB, they come up from time to time). Worth sending an email to Duke IMO, he's pretty busy so you might need to wait a few days or remind him, but he replies - and he replies incredibly honestly, to the extent that he might even recommend another manufacturer's cab if he thinks it will meet your needs better than his designs, no kidding. It's like talking to a friend and that's priceless in my book...
  7. I was also looking at those, read every thread there is out there... unfortunately I haven't tried either, only a Super Twin (or whatever the tweeterless BF 212 is called). Between those two, based on what I've read, I think I'd go for the Fearless if my top priority was the sound and for the BF if it was weight. But I'd like to add another suggestion, the Audiokinesis Thunderchild, which is what I went with. Should give you less low lows, but they are enough for me - and it helps avoid boominess. It's also more compact compared to the two you're looking at, with the weight a little above the BF. Might cost a little more when you factor in shipping and import taxes, but personally I didn't regret it. I have a TC212 and recently ordered a TC112UFT too. Duke, the owner, is also probably the nicest guy I've dealt with in the industry.
  8. Hope I'm not breaking any rules, but since you asked here's a song from my band (posting a link since it's not really a specific genre, you could say heavy rock I guess). There's no overdrive on this (just a little from the B|Amp), hopefully I'll be using the Locomotive on the album version of the song, when we're ready for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfx5KtuT6Vo
  9. @Al Krow lol, sorry about that! What can I say, I like my bass toys, don't spend much on anything else so I allow myself this little luxury. And I only keep what I use, and try to buy used so that I don't lose much when I move gear. For example I got the Verellen when they were having a 20% discount or something so I could sell it at the same price. It was impressive, but except for the form factor, I didn't like the fact that I found it had a baked-in EQ which I had to work against to get my own EQ back. Not a deal breaker but it seemed a little less impressive once I figured that out. I wouldn't directly compare the Locomotive to the Meatsmoke, different beasts. I like that the Locomotive doesn't affect your EQ more than expected from a tube circuit. I should also add that it has less gain than the Alpha Omega (or the Meatsmoke), but I had them mod mine for more gain. There are some nice and pretty accurate demos on youtube.
  10. Crazy Tube Circuits Locomotive for me - OK, I came back to write some more as I realised this won't be too helpful. Anyway, I went through my share of overdrives, was very fond of a Fulltone Bassdrive years ago, got a Verellen Meatsmoke at some point but didn't like the fact it was heavily EQed or the size - of course it was still awesome, but too much money to have tied into one awkward to carry pedal. Recently got a Darkglass Alpha Omega and the Locomotive to try. The Alpha Omega was more versatile (it can do something close to the Locomotive, but it can also do much more), but for what I'm doing at the moment the Locomotive was the clear winner. Warmer (no wonder as it has a tube in it), transparent, more "open" - the Darkglass sounds a bit compressed in comparison. Overall just great quality and lovely vintagey tone.
  11. Used to have a Glockenklang Heart Rock which I loved, preferred it to the DB750 I had tried back then which sounded a bit wooly... but years went by and I didn't want to carry it any more. I tried some of the newer class D Glocks but they felt like a clear downgrade. Got a Bergantino B|Amp as my last attempt at class D and wow. Still love it after a year+. Not exactly better than the Heart Rock, but a worthy replacement for me tone-wise, plus the weight and versatility/various options are delicious. No amp GAS after that. Just cab GAS 😅 - which, after a small journey with Aguilar, Vanderkley and Bergantino, seems to also have been cured after I got an Audiokinesis TC212. I'm very happy with this setup. Broke, but happy!
  12. No, the switch makes it "safe for down to 2 ohm operation" as opposed to "safe for down to 4 ohm operation" with the switch off, it doesn't mean it has to be exactly a 2 ohm load (as it would be with say a tube amp). With the switch off the amp outputs 800W at 4 ohm, with the switch on it outputs 800W at 2 ohm and to achieve that the wattage at higher loads drops. At 4 ohm (which is indeed what your total load will be with two 8 ohm cabs) it becomes around 600W.
  13. Set the amp at 2 ohm operation, this way it will put out 600W at 4 ohm, therefore 300W into each cab. With a little caution you should really be fine.
  14. That's not such a big problem as a 210 has around the same cone area as a 115. That's why a 210+115 is usually a better match than a 410+115. @Fingers McGee, yep, that's right. One thing you must understand is that the wattage on the cabs is more like tolerance levels (as in "safe up to 300W"), the output comes from the amp. So with an amp that is [email protected], yeah, you'll be getting all of it with two 8ohm cabs, and if they're rated at 300W each it should be a fine match. With an 8ohm cab, even if it's rated at 1000W, you'll be getting what your amp puts out at 8ohm (if it's [email protected], it will usually be around [email protected]).
  15. I wouldn't worry about "pushing too much" - that's why you have a volume knob! It comes down to what sounds best to you and how many (and how heavy) cabs you are comfortable carrying. But only you can answer those questions. Either a 410 or a 210+115 should be plenty to cover pretty much anything. The 210+115 (or 210+210) would give you a modular setup so that you could only bring one to rehearsals and small gigs. Still, if you love your amp, as you say, be careful because you might end up giving a lot of money and in the end being happier with your previous setup. New isn't always better!
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