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  1. Thanks everybody, good to be here
  2. Hello everybody, this is Ole from Denmark What a nice place this is
  3. Greetings People I too need a pair of knobs for an Aria Pro II Elite bass I am doing a 3D model, but I have no measures of the original knobs, so if anyone can measure the dimensions I can adapt them into my model. I made a little screencast : http://brockman.dk/uploads/knobbish.mov It's made in the free software blender : https://www.blender.org I since made a shorter version, let me know if you want a copy of the 3d model file The teardrop switchknob or one very similar is around on eBay, if needed: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLUE-SEAL-018145-TEARDROP-KNOB-FOR-FRYER-THERMOSWITCH-TEMPERATURE-CONTROL/253491124561?epid=1849086563&hash=item3b053f9951:g:BIgAAOSwiHZbDu5Z And if you have an old bass in the need of a fresh-over or upgrade I found this guy in finland https://www.rautiaguitars.net/aria-pro-ii.html Best regards, Brock
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