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  1. I'm sure this has ben discussed in other posts - hope you can view this link to Leland Sklars ''Producers Switch'' MAKES ME SMILE 🙂 Sorry in advance if i have contravened any rules about including you tube videos - i went to paste the link and instead it posted the actual video - 🙄
  2. Just bought a Gretsch Junior Jet Bass off Dave. What a pleasure to deal with - great first experience for me buying through this forum - and Dave has certainly set a very high bar here and certainly testament to the glowing feedback posts he has received above this one. Thanks for going more than the extra mile Dave - compliments also from my mother-in-law for your delivery protocol in this Covid climate. I'm sure you live my maxim "Nice to be important, but more important to be nice" Hope to engage with you through this forum again. Thanks again Dave
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