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  1. Pre Menstrual Tension discount codes, aye, Susanstareyeyesbreadknife2020
  2. Jazzmaster, 1958, slab rosewood board
  3. Yeah but hes in the vid. Great tune anyway
  4. Groove is in the Heart, by Dee Lite ...Bootsy's on it people
  5. Join Mitchell said it best, you dont know what you've got till it's gone. Some of the guitars and basses I've parted with over the years have left me with genuine heartache
  6. You must be a good musician if you can play 5 Sting basses all at the same time😊
  7. 5 strings eliminates the need to play an open E and that's about it
  8. Surely the bass guitar is 85 years old, starting with Paul Tutmarc's Audiovox Bass Fiddle in 1935, and Fenders 5 string bass is from the 60s
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